Translation of rave-up in Spanish:


música rave, n.

Pronunciation ///ˈˌreɪv ˈəp/


  • 1US informal

    música rave feminine informal
    • A funk rave-up follows two straight hip-hop tracks follows a French house track using Dimitri From Paris.
    • This was a rave-up before they were even invented.
    • Until now, one of the greatest rave-ups in rock 'n' roll history was also its least remembered.
    • ‘It's getting you back to the good old days when you used to organize rave-ups for two or three thousand lunatics in an empty warehouse somewhere? ‘laughed Syd.’
    • Gone are the mechanic snarls, the 140-bpm rave-ups and the clever mash-ups.
    • With those words, Ira kicked off the song, a blazing rave-up that was an early highlight of their Philly show over last Spring Break.
    • ‘Magnetic City’ is probably the most incendiary rave-up you will likely find on any album released this year.
    • Burn's suppers range from formal gatherings to uproariously informal rave-ups of drunkards and louts.
    • Weekenders trace their roots to the mods and rockers' bank holiday rave-ups on the south coast in the Sixties.
    • Gillespie's backing vocals actually detract somewhat from the song, which is otherwise an energizing rave-up.
  • 2British slang

    fiesta rave feminine
    fiestorro masculine Spain informal
    reventón masculine Mexico informal
    fiestichola feminine River Plate informal
    fiestoca feminine Chile informal
    bonche masculine Venezuela informal