Translation of ravenous in Spanish:


hambriento, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈræv(ə)nəs//ˈrav(ə)nəs/


  • 1

    (person/animal) hambriento
    (appetite) voraz
    I'm (absolutely) ravenous! ¡tengo un hambre devoradora / un hambre canina! informal
    • Others have a ravenous appetite for the glues used to bond carpet to its backing.
    • One candidate knows that if Giblets's rivals are elected president he could transform into a pack of ravenous wolves and eat your children.
    • It is also time that we must take greater care in managing our garbage from ravenous dogs and ravens.
    • At night, they advised us to put on our under-bungalow lights and wait for the floorshow of ravenous and strange-looking fish gobbling up plankton just beneath us.
    • That taste of carnal pleasure unleashed a ravenous appetite.
    • Mind you, I would be reluctant, to send a ravenous band of travel-worn tourists there for a late-night meal, without first having made a reservation.
    • But Johnson's latest performance in the red and green of Leicester showed that he still has a ravenous appetite for club rugby.
    • The meagre supplies she had brought had not lasted long with her ravenous hunger.
    • The ravenous appetite I worked up instantly disappeared.
    • Arrive before you have built up a ravenous hunger.
    • Mr. Numan walked in attracted by the smells of fine dinner on the table, collapsed at his chair, and ate some food like a ravenous animal.
    • I am secretly a ravenous animal for compliments
    • I slept well, and woke with a ravenous appetite for breakfast, as usual.
    • They were always scavenging for the latest hint of gossip as if they were ravenous animals on the trail of a wounded deer.
    • Thanks to a ravenous appetite, he soon reaches 15 feet, and becomes increasingly difficult to hide.
    • By contrast, North Americans are ravenous consumers of energy.
    • The size of a hornet hive grows quickly as the season progresses - and so does the ravenous hunger of the young hornets.
    • The wonderful aromas coming from the kitchen made me all the more aware of my ravenous hunger.
    • Their ravenous appetite for fellow fish makes them one of the largest fresh water species.
    • She not only insists that her husband tell her he loves her every night, but she's ravenous for information about how much he loves her.
    • At its worst, it combined the naivety of the 1960s, the anti-intellectualism of the 1970s and the ravenous greed of the 1980s.
    • That description belonged to a pack of ravenous Eagles.
    • It almost goes without saying that she elected not to finish breakfast and was consequently ravenous and difficult by mid-morning.
    • Sarah and I sat in one corner of the lobby, not exactly having ravenous appetites.
    • You will develop a ravenous appetite when you're not on the bike anyway.
    • Tartan is pulled across the cold steel floor like an animal being brought to the slaughter by a ravenous predator.
    • Despite her ravenous hunger, Alicia had to struggle to stifle her gag reflex.
    • Such is the ravenous appetite for good films possessed by those who love them.
    • It's the story of a ravenous caterpillar that eats so much he makes himself sick before finally transforming into a beautiful butterfly.
    • Am I, as an entertainment journalist, feeding the public's ravenous appetite for more celebrity?
    • Our sallow skin and lean, ravenous eyes (so suggestive of scurvy) give us away.
    • If you have a ravenous appetite for rock and jazz, this is a must-read.
    • I had come off the golf course feeling ravenous, so my choices were influenced by a desire for meat, and lots of it.
    • That's the problem with swimming, it makes me ravenous.
    • Along the way she is accosted by ravenous predators.
    • However, often underestimated is the equally ravenous appetite they have for high-performance data access.
    • He didn't even notice the ravenous hunger that made his stomach rumble in silent agony.
    • In 1455 he was returning from a meeting at Doncaster, possibly with the Knights Templars or Grey Friars, when he was set upon by a ravenous wild cat.
    • Food is served fast and hot, and the waiting staff are tolerant - they barely bat an eyelid at drunk, ravenous students.
    • At that spot, they found a dead deer, still steaming, and took hungry, ravenous bites out of it.