Translation of raver in Spanish:


juerguista, n.

Pronunciation /ˈreɪvər//ˈreɪvə/



  • 1

    juerguista feminine
    I bet she's a right little raver really estoy seguro de que le da rienda a la hilacha Mexico informal
  • 2

    aficionado a la música acid
    • Surprisingly, the ranters and the ravers don't dominate.
    • It's not a happy election climate, that's for sure, except for the ravers and the ragers.
    • He is not a ranter and raver in the dressing room.
    • My last boss was Stan Ternent and he's old-school - a bit of a ranter and raver.
    • My Mum isn't a ranter and raver like James, she just has an amazing ability to state the obvious, repeat herself and just get on your nerves at times.
    • I am vocal on the pitch but have never been a ranter and raver off it.
    • He is not a ranter or raver which is great, because that is not what you want when things are going against you.