Translation of raving in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈreɪvɪŋ//ˈreɪvɪŋ/



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    (as intensifier)
    he's a raving lunatic está como una cabra informal
    • you're a raving idiot eres un tonto perdido
    • a raving beauty una belleza despampanante
    • as adverb he's raving mad está como una cabra
    • I'm not going to turn into a raving fundamentalist.
    • Actually, McReynolds was a raving anti-Semite, and a racist, too.
    • Lindbergh of course was not exactly a raving lefty.
    • She was somewhat cute as best, not a raving beauty.
    • She was not a raving beauty like most of the girls he knew.
    • If he doesn't do something soon, he'll definitely go stark raving mad.
    • She knew that she wasn't the raving beauty that she had always wished she was.
    • The moment they put me in bed I was a raving lunatic.
    • Why do they want to see a raving lunatic, saying things he might regret?
    • You already know I'm not a raving environmentalist.
    • You might help to counter the raving loons that have used his comment section to attack him too.
    • Though I have some mental health issues, I am not a raving lunatic.
    • Secondly before the raving mad dogs tear me to pieces, think of this as a ray of hope.
    • Well, once again I'm not going to call them raving maniacs.
    • He writes in a confounding way that always makes me end up thinking that he is a raving buffoon or a extraordinarily perceptive genius.
    • Even as a raving crank, Joe has weird delusions of normalcy.
    • Versa was afraid to take any more steps, for fear that her intrusion would jerk him back into reality, and send him raving mad.
    • He seemed to think the recorder was The Way to teach us music so he must have been a raving psychopath.
    • He had also noticed his brother dancing with the raving beauty, Katherine.
    • "For years, I was a raving lunatic, " he says now.


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    desvarío masculine
    delirio masculine
    his delirious raving(s) sus desvaríos delirantes