Translation of ravioli in Spanish:


ravioles, n.

Pronunciation /ˌræviˈoʊli//ˌravɪˈəʊli/


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    ravioles masculine
    • Place ravioli in a pasta bowl and drizzle with brown butter.
    • We started with an appetizer of duck ravioli which sounds scarier than it was.
    • Froth sauce using a hand-held immersion blender and drizzle foam atop ravioli.
    • The first course of goat cheese ravioli was rigorous and delightful in its pretty sauce, an intense parsley froth.
    • Both ravioli and agnolotti are normally accompanied by a sauce, such as tomato.
    • The pricey menu is big on fish but there are some original ravioli and pasta creations thrown in.
    • Cut each ravioli in half; serve hot with seasoned vegetable broth and a lobster medallion.
    • Just before serving, prepare a few small cheese ravioli and place them in each bowl before you add the soup.
    • My favorite starter was goat-cheese-and-walnut ravioli with a sherry beet sauce.
    • Place a portion of the ravioli filling in the center of six of the pasta rounds and brush the edges with egg wash.
    • Arrange three ravioli per bowl and spoon some lentil soup on top.
    • They served Italian food, and they had the best cheese ravioli in town.
    • I had the ravioli of four cheeses with tomato sauce, pesto and Parmesan for €13.30.
    • Spoon velouté foam over ravioli and garnish with chervil and truffles.
    • There are great steaming bowls of gnocchi, troughs of ravioli, vast vats of fettuccine just how mama makes it.
    • Juelle Fisher likes this wine with lobster ravioli, salmon with cream sauce or her butternut squash soup.
    • We serve these with tiny Monaco ravioli, grilled almonds and, after dinner, mini-pastries prepared by the chef patissier.
    • To serve, spoon some vegetables, ravioli, and saffron broth in a soup bowl and place two shad roe halves in the center.
    • So leave it to these folks to create a ravioli dish, minus the pasta.
    • A ravioli of foie gras, melon and light cheese tasted like mild soap.