Translation of ravishing in Spanish:


deslumbrante, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈravɪʃɪŋ//ˈrævɪʃɪŋ/


  • 1

    (beauty) deslumbrante
    (view) magnífico
    (melody) cautivador
    a ravishing dress un vestido divino
    • The Festival opens amidst the ravishing sound-world of Debussy's ground-breaking String Quartet in G minor.
    • This ravishing city, seductively perfumed with orange blossom, is every bit as alluring as Spain's most infamous femme fatale.
    • It is a ravishing work, hardly less so than the more often performed second quartet, ‘Intimate Letters.’
    • In fact, excuse me for saying so, but I'm absolutely more ravishing than you.
    • She simply wants to be a beautiful, glamorous, radiant, ravishing movie star.
    • When Zulaykha tried to captivate Joseph by her ravishing beauty, the Almighty hastened to help him.
    • The smaller paintings vary in color from the same pyrelene green-black to a radiant gray-gold to a ravishing Ferrari red.
    • Although personally antipathetic to his modernist pioneering spirit, I have been seduced time and again by the ravishing sounds that he produces.
    • These are ravishing pictures and this is the first time that so many of them have been shown.
    • In the first scene of the film, Marshall Will Kane marries the ravishing Amy and retires his marshal's badge.
    • Among the cyclamen, Colchicum, with elegant, long-stemmed pink goblets, completes this ravishing October picture.
    • What you need are ravishing good looks, charm and undemanding chit-chat, all of which Marlborough Merlot offers.
    • She didn't think she was ugly; she just didn't see herself as the ravishing beauty people often told her she was.
    • She looked pretty as a picture herself out here in the sunshine - a ravishing rose amongst a garden of gorgeous roses.
    • Add class to your style by including these utterly ravishing and stunning bags that are a rage this season.
    • Ten ravishing models from Bangalore, dressed in clothes designed by fashion technology students, set the ramp ablaze.
    • The Hartke Symphony was also gorgeously done, and it is a ravishing new score.
    • This is first and foremost a collection of ravishing photographs, many of them exquisite platinum prints.
    • ‘Your Highness, forgive me for saying so, but you look absolutely ravishing tonight,’ he said smoothly, grinning at her charmingly.
    • He shook his head, ‘I dare say, she has once again fallen into the ravishing trap of love… I know that look.’