Translation of raw in Spanish:


crudo, adj.

Pronunciation /rɔ//rɔː/


  • 1

    • 1.1(uncooked)

      (vegetables/meat) crudo
      • He's thinking about opening another shop, and perhaps a restaurant where you could choose your slab of raw meat for cooking.
      • Avoid uncooked food, such as raw fruits and vegetables, instead sticking to cooked veggies and meats.
      • Perishable food, such as raw or cooked meat and poultry, must be kept cold or frozen at the store and at home.
      • Do not eat foods with raw or undercooked eggs, such as Caesar salad and raw cookie dough, or drink eggnog.
      • Both dishes were marvellous; fine raw ingredients cooked to juicy, succulent perfection and allowed to stand for themselves without the need for endless sauces and marinades.
      • Pregnant women should avoid foods made with raw or partially cooked eggs, like egg nog and hollandaise sauce.
      • Keep the kitchen clean, especially when preparing raw meat, eggs, and poultry.
      • Avoid fruit juices, raw vegetables, salads, and any raw or undercooked eggs, meat, and seafood.
      • Don't use raw eggs in food that will not be cooked, such as chocolate mousse or homemade mayonnaise.
      • To avoid illness, travellers are advised not to eat shellfish or raw foods such as salad that have been washed in unboiled or unclean water.
      • Fresh raw beans have a crunchy sweetness; when cooked, they are rich and creamy.
      • Our mothers cooked real food from raw ingredients, making magical meals out of very little.
      • Eating diets that consist of only raw, uncooked foods is a small but influential trend.
      • Place cooked meats and raw items for the barbecue, as well as items more likely to be used last, on the bottom of the cooler close to the cooling source.
      • Eat only cooked foods and not raw, which are harder to digest.
      • Keep raw and cooked foods separate and use different plates and utensils for them.
      • Hands should also be washed frequently while preparing foods, especially between handling raw and cooked food.
      • She stood there in flip-flops and an orange silk blouse, cooking soy-sauced strips of raw beef.
      • Joey had bought a packet of sausages for them, at the greengrocer's nearby, and together they cooked the raw meat over the fire.
      • When raw meat is cooked, the outside turns brown and the brown colour gradually spreads inwards.

    • 1.2(unprocessed)

      (silk) crudo
      (silk) salvaje
      (leather) sin curtir
      (leather) crudo
      (sugar) sin refinar
      (sewage) sin tratar
      (piece of work/translation) sin pulir
      raw spirits alcohol puro masculine
      • raw notes borrador
      • the raw data los datos en bruto
      • raw milk leche sin pasteurizar
      • There were urban myths of two-headed, glow-in-the-dark fish, but even the added presence of raw sewage in our local harbour was not enough to deter us from swimming and fishing there.
      • Similar in texture and appearance to paint, these materials can be applied to almost any building material, including raw wood, drywall and steel.
      • Large shipments of raw silk, tea, and coffee, as well as the traditional pepper and spices, also came from Asia.
      • The bride, given in marriage by her father Frank, looked radiant in an ivory raw silk dress with diamanté detail and long train.
      • The London Assembly has launched an investigation into why 600,000 tonnes of raw sewage was pumped into the Thames last month, killing thousands of fish.
      • One thing you should remember - unless you have gone rustic and want to play with stone and raw wood - building materials come in standard sizes.
      • Usually the water mixes with the raw sewage, clogging up the drainage system.
      • The bride, given in matrimony by her father Tom, looked very elegant in a gown of white raw silk, perfectly adorned with diamanté stones and full length train.
      • There'll always be a huge demand here for raw wool from Australia, provided we can keep the spindles here spinning wool and keep them away from spinning synthetics.
      • The bride looked stunning in an ivory and gold raw silk dress of Irish design and carried a bouquet of delicate cream roses.
      • I found a pink raw silk jacket with covered buttons, a soft leopard vest and a cream wool shell covered with opalescent sequins and beads.

    • 1.3(frank, truthful)

      (style of writing) crudo
      • They can be raw, honest, even emotional, but not stylish, and never beautiful.
      • Some of the poems are pretty raw, but, hopefully they will help others to realise they are not alone.
      • The result is raw confrontation, sometimes unpleasant in its intensity.
      • The result the book offers up a very raw portrait of her as she confronts dark family secrets and the postpartum depression of fame.
      • Like the label itself, the music is often raw, uncompromising, rebellious, and experimental.
      • This is perhaps what makes his music so raw and honest - the fact that it is a base celebration of everything that's wrong in popular culture today.
      • She felt Adam was getting the raw end of the situation.
      • It's a little ironic that the star once known for his raw and uncompromising comedy, has appeared in two PG-rated films this summer.
      • His raw, blunt style appeals to the disaffected, the outcast, the romantic, the loner and the apolitical, and it always will.
      • What I found within many of the entries was a totally uncut style of writing - writing which was personal, direct, bold, raw.
      • It's a wise tactic, and one that helps keep her performances honest, raw and real.
      • The stories have a raw texture that lays bare the rather bleak emotional life of her repressed, and repressive environment.
      • Here is something raw, as yet uncompromised, and engaged with some sort of reality.
      • They're brutal stories, raw, poignant, desperate; we can feel the character's pain, see it in the shades and contours of Miller's skewed and bulbous art.
      • Some revel in the appearance of perfection, but he was raw, gritty and damn funny.
      • I don't think anyone could entirely grasp who I am from watching the show, but what was shown was very raw and honest.
      • Each of the three tracks on the EP convey a sense of raw realism.
      • In contrast, Louis's work had a clear subject, was raw, simple, direct, earnest.
      • The result is the most raw and real portrayal of how a rock group works and how it sometimes doesn't.
      • People might say they are calm but the way we've cut up the landscape here is raw, brutal, hillsides of houses brushing right up against the forest.

  • 2

    • 2.1(of weather)

      (day) crudo
      (wind) cortante
      • They gathered on a raw February night to learn the secrets of war.
      • The dreary skies and raw weather suggested November, not mid-May.
      • A climb out of the woods brought the shock of the raw, cold, outside world, and a bracing but easy track back.
      • The cloying heat of the cottage was replaced by the raw coldness of the night.
      • Saturday morning was hideous - the raw wind nearly took you off your feet and the cold rain cut right through my thin jacket.
      • Luckily, while the weather was cold - 30 to 36 degrees - it wasn't a raw cold.
      • It was raw, damp, dark, and dismal; the clouds were as muddy as the ground; and the short perspective of every street and avenue, was closed up by the mist as by a filthy curtain.

  • 3

    my fingers were raw by the time I'd finished tenía los dedos en carne viva cuando terminé
  • 4

    verde informal
    (recruit) novato
    (recruit) primerizo
    they're still very raw todavía tienen muy poca experiencia
    • He has good hands, but he is raw, needs experience and must work on his route running.
    • The dialogue between the characters, while littered with profanities and raw language, is verbose and prosaic.
    • Be warned, that many of these excerpts are raw and crude.
    • The modest brick building at the heart of Europe's biggest military base has become refuge to thousands of raw recruits.
    • We were raw recruits, all looking alike, equally uncomfortable in their new outfits.
    • His skills are raw, but he progressed enough to start on the right side by the end of his rookie season.
    • Owners with money don't really need to evaluate raw talent, just buy players who are greedy.
    • He's learned through experience that his lyrics are too raw for many ears.
    • On the contrary, the raw and prolix language of his novels is unabashedly unpoetic and polemical.
    • His raw skills and competitiveness make him a terrific prospect, but the learning curve will continue to be steep.
    • The unit has the raw talent and experience to compete with anyone and appears to have the best chemistry of any grouping.
    • Earlier this week I went to a catering college in West London to meet my latest batch of raw recruits and train them up in just four days to cook in a busy London restaurant.
    • Her fans may be shocked by the raw language in the film.
    • It populated the battalion partly with soldiers who had gone through basic training elsewhere as tank destroyer crewmen and partly with raw recruits.
    • They raised a force of 6,000 to join the army - raw recruits, including many London apprentices.
    • He was a little annoyed by the fact that his team were raw recruits; they jostled each other and joked about in a way that he found most irritating and unprofessional.
    • Brigadier Monro's staff of 600 Army personnel and 200 civilians will help to turn raw recruits into trained soldiers.
    • But aside from the odd moment, the album gets lost amid its pumped-up ethos of hard, hard beats, raw language and stereotypical outlook.
    • Her raw lyrics and range of styles are hard-hitting and addictive.
    • It's got raw music, raw sensitivity, raw vocals, and raw lyrics.
    • These were exceptions largely brought about by incompetent leadership, raw recruits, a disdain for the enemy, and involving an element of tactical surprise.
    • His skills were raw, and he had difficulty defending the run and getting a push up the middle on passing downs.
    • The author masterfully captures the narratives by using humor, raw language and thought-provoking descriptions.
    • It was moving and it was funny, and her language is beautiful and raw and brutal.
    • All I remember is that his skills were very raw, but that he was a very, very strong man who hit hard.
    • The troops were raw, lacked combat experience, and were inadequately trained
    • They had gone from raw recruits to men of honor in a year, and so had he.
    • The language was on the raw side with the four letter word getting great mileage.
    • His language is raw and delivery raucous, but his intelligent and insightful material will make you think.
    • As skilled workers become more scarce, employers must provide more training to promising but raw recruits.
    • People offended by raw language, and even rougher depictions of street life, should steer clear.
    • These reservists are not raw recruits: they include among their ranks a deputy brigade commander and a fighter pilot.
    • What impact do the raw and explicit lyrics in hip-hop music and provocative images of women in the videos have on our girls?
    • Almost half of today's Army is married - some of them raw recruits.


  • 1

    in the raw en cueros informal
  • 2

    (as sth really is)
    nature in the raw la naturaleza virgen
    • you've never had to deal with life in the raw tú no sabes lo cruda que puede ser la vida