Translation of re-educate in Spanish:


reeducar, v.

Pronunciation /riːˈɛdʒʊkeɪt//riˈɛdʒəˌkeɪt/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (population) reeducar
    (offender) rehabilitar
    • She said: ‘I am 34 years old and I didn't have a good education like they have now, but this is re-educating people who didn't get that chance.’
    • It's time to re-educate the kids about the financial importance of a sweet tooth.
    • The strategy aims to put in place opportunities and schemes to re-educate owners, offering them advice and assistance to return their properties to use.
    • What I believe the university should do right now is re-educate students and staff about environmental friendliness and the recycling program.
    • If you want to cut crime - and save money - invest in programmes that analyse offending behaviour and help to re-educate people who have often known no other life.
    • We need to re-educate workers and employers about safe work practices and safe alternative materials.
    • They will target areas where we know there are problems and try to advise and re-educate people.
    • Part of the reason for it was to display it publicly in the house and start to re-educate my husband on exactly what it is I do at home all day.
    • It is hoped the clampdown will re-educate motorists about road safety and make them less likely to break the law in the future.
    • He was captured by the Soviet Red Army and handed over to the People's Republic of China, where he was re-educated until 1959.
    • Members are re-educated about food, learning to use it to satisfy hunger, only afterwards for pleasure.
    • This new scheme is an effort to re-educate drivers about the dangers of speeding to help stamp it out.
    • He said re-educating people was part of the challenge in dealing with fly-tipping.
    • California has term limits, so we have to educate and re-educate both elected officials and their staffs.
    • It goes back to us needing to re-educate parents and that is an uphill job.
    • To break new ground, activists have stepped up efforts to encourage cooperation between Palestinian and Israeli teachers - to re-educate people and teach them to accept and tolerate each other.
    • We are teaching kids how to be active and we're re-educating adults as well and that's why the program is taking off.
    • The proper response to the problem, we are told, is to lock up and perhaps re-educate violent men while helping women get out of violent relationships.
    • We need a much larger scheme for retraining and re-educating people if they are to diversify effectively.
    • It could take an entire generation just to re-educate people.