Translation of re-enlist in Spanish:


realistarse, v.

Pronunciation /riːɪnˈlɪst//ˌriənˈlɪst/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    • After a three-year absence after Vietnam, WO2 Halvorsen re-enlisted and joined Intelligence Corps, retiring from full-time service in 1991.
    • The long term result is incompetent captains, whose poor leadership creates disgruntled soldiers and NCOs who resign or do not re-enlist.
    • When the war in Korea started two weeks later, I re-enlisted for Infantry OCS and was commissioned.
    • However, the lure of the air was irresistible and he re-enlisted as a research medical officer and test pilot at the RAF's Institute of Aviation Medicine.
    • Due to national security and many other restrictions, non-citizen members of the military have only a small, select number of Military Occupational Specialties to choose from when enlisting or re-enlisting.
    • He re-enlisted during World War II as a staff sergeant with the Army engineers.
    • Fort Bragg soldiers are re-enlisting in droves as the Army struggles to meets its recruiting goals.
    • I think we as NCOs could help by keeping good soldiers in the Army and getting them to re-enlist.
    • We've probably all heard of stories where soldiers of all ranks have discharged, only to re-enlist within 12 months because things just didn't work out.
    • Discovered by the press, he speedily re-enlisted, this time as Pte Shaw of the Tank Corps.
    • Faced with this ordeal, I applied for a humanitarian assignment and re-enlisted.
    • Another factor that Army Reserve officials believe is affecting re-enlistments is the tighter window for Army Reserve Soldiers to decide to re-enlist.
    • They must, however, be legal residents and can't re-enlist or be commissioned officers without being citizens.
    • Soldiers in combat units report that being sent to a combat zone improves morale, and the possibility that they will re-enlist, despite the danger.
    • He then tried to re-enlist in the Navy but was denied the job he wanted, so he went to the Army recruiting office and enlisted.
    • For example, today, when an Army Reserve Soldier wants to re-enlist, he or she has to be within 90 days of ETS to get a bonus.
    • When the war ended he re-enlisted and commanded an artillery battery in the Korean War and the Vietnam War.
    • But be assured, we need every Army Reserve Soldier who is currently in the ranks to re-enlist and stay with us.
    • I had another dream, last night, in which I had re-enlisted in the military.
    • I'm surrounded by soldiers who are re-enlisting and volunteering to go to units that are deploying.