Translation of reaccustom in Spanish:


reacostumbrar, v.

Pronunciation /riːəˈkʌstəm/

transitive verb

  • 1

    • He hasn't played in the majors since May 2002 and has to get reaccustomed to big-league pitching.
    • Blinking to reaccustom herself to the darkness, Lexa already had her hands over her ears when the deafening blast of thunder reached her.
    • It took about an hour to match velocities with the orbiting UFO, ample time for Erin to reaccustom himself to zero-G maneuvering.
    • One of the things that some players may need to get used to (or possibly reaccustomed to) is the Metal Gear control scheme.
    • Now I just have to get my eyes reaccustomed to my contacts and then I'll be all set.