Translation of reach in Spanish:


alcance, n.

Pronunciation: /riːtʃ//ritʃ/


  • 1

    • 1.1(distance)

      alcance masculine
      to have a long reach tener buen alcance

    • 1.2

      within reach a mi (/ tu etc. ) alcance
      • within arm's reach (within reach) al alcance de la mano
      • I like to have my books within easy reach me gusta tener los libros muy a mano
      • within sb's reach, within the reach of sb al alcance de algn
      • within the reach of the average family al alcance de la familia media
      • within reach of sth cerca de algo
      • the house is within easy reach of the station la estación queda muy cerca de la casa
      • out of / beyond reach fuera de su (/ mi etc. ) alcance
      • keep medicines out of the reach of children mantenga los medicamentos fuera del alcance de los niños
      • put it out of / beyond her reach ponlo fuera de su alcance / donde no pueda alcanzarlo
      • beyond the reach of the law fuera del alcance de la ley
      • we were living out of / beyond reach of London Londres quedaba muy lejos de donde vivíamos

    • 1.3(action)

      she made a reach for the keys, but I got there first trató de agarrar las llaves pero yo me le adelanté
      • That shocked me into action, and without thinking, I jumped away from his reach.
      • He tried pushing her away but she jumped out of his reach.
      • The containers should be placed out of the reach of children and should not be overfilled.
      • The figure kept, exasperatingly, just out of their reach, always a pace ahead of them.
      • You can also request that all the outlets and switches be installed at a height above the reach of the average toddler.
      • At last it was me who ended the kiss, stepped backward, out of her reach.
      • I nearly slapped him, but he danced out of my reach before turning back.
      • She will play happily so long as the dolly is within her reach should she desire it.

  • 2

    (of river)
    tramo masculine
    the upper/lower reaches of the Clyde la cuenca alta/baja del Clyde
    • The immediate cause of the flooding is put down to heavy rainfalls earlier in the year in the upper reaches of the Mekong River system.
    • More than 1,000 families along the middle reaches of the river were affected by rising water.
    • Although it counts as a sea fish, the lamprey goes up rivers to spawn and is indeed most often met in estuaries or the lower reaches of rivers.
    • One goal was to return fish to traditional spawning grounds in the upper reaches of the Clearwater tributaries, strengthening natural fish runs.
    • He said that on the one hand, increased plantation along the upper reaches of rivers contributed to better protection of the environment.
    • The walk passes through beautiful beech forest and follows the upper reaches of the Makarora River.
    • On a soft grey day I thought it would be nice to trace the upper reaches of the River Derwent deep into the great forests west of Scarborough.
    • The dam is in Hubei province, to the east of Sichuan and Chongqing, and water flow has surged over warning levels after the upper reaches of the Yangtze River started flooding.
    • The first two weeks of 1766 they were on the upper reaches of the river, pressing south as far as the northwest corner of the present Brevard County.
    • The primary example of this habitat occurs along the upper reaches of Accokeek Creek and its maze of tributaries.
    • At Tim's house, a remote fishing lodge on the upper reaches of the river, the coracles were carried down to the water's edge.
    • If the river bed through York was dredged to a depth of a further 10 ft, as fast as any substrate is taken out the hole will fill with water which is continually flowing in from the upper reaches.
    • It is designed to divert water from the upper reaches of the river to the northeast coast.
    • Some press statements have given the location of the fish as coming from the upper reaches of the river Ribble.
    • There's a sign on Weston Road stating the town was established in 1796, although then it was not much more than a few buildings around the mill on the upper reaches of the Humber River.
    • Most of my winter chub fishing experience over the past fifty or more years has been gained mainly on small rivers or the upper reaches of the bigger rivers.
    • The upper reaches of these lower tributaries are undammed and of moderate flow, with gravel/cobble substrate and only occasional sand bars.
    • Some creeks or river reaches are fed by springs or groundwater seeps.
    • The ‘wild’ fish stocks now originate almost entirely from man-made fish nurseries in the upper reaches of the rivers.
    • In the upper reaches of the Amazonian rain forest are strange areas, sometimes the size of a football field, in which grows only one kind of small tree.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (with hand)
    I stood on a box to reach it me subí a una caja para alcanzarlo
    • can you reach the top shelf? ¿alcanzas al estante de arriba?
  • 2

    (extend to)
    llegar a
    her feet didn't reach the floor los pies no le llegaban al suelo / hasta el suelo
    • my daughter reaches my shoulder mi hija me da por el hombro
  • 3

    (arrive at, come to)
    (limit/destination/recipient) llegar a
    (stage/figure) llegar a
    (stage/figure) alcanzar
    we'll reach France by dawn llegaremos a Francia antes de que amanezca
    • the news reached his ears la noticia llegó a sus oídos
    • the news reached her next day la noticia le llegó al día siguiente
    • applications must reach us by ... las solicitudes deben ser recibidas antes de ...
    • she's reached 21 ha llegado a / ha cumplido los 21
    • I've reached the point where I don't care any more he llegado a un punto en que ya me da igual
    • inflation reached 30% la inflación alcanzó el 30% / llegó al 30%
  • 4

    (agreement/compromise) llegar a
    (agreement/compromise) alcanzar
    I've reached the conclusion that ... he llegado a la conclusión de que ...
  • 5

    contactar con
    ponerse en contacto con
    you can reach me at my hotel puede contactar conmigo / ponerse en contacto conmigo llamando a mi hotel
    • where can I reach you? ¿dónde te puedo localizar / encontrar?
  • 6

    (gain access to)
    (audience/public) llegar a
    his works reach a very limited readership sus obras llegan a un número muy limitado de lectores
    • the party is trying to reach the ethnic minorities el partido está tratando de ganarse a las minorías étnicas
  • 7

  • 8

    to reach sb sth alcanzarle algo a algn
    • could you reach me down that book? ¿me puedes alcanzar / bajar ese libro?

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (extend hand, arm)
    she reached into her pocket and took out a coin metió la mano en el bolsillo y sacó una moneda
    • she reached across the table to shake hands me (/ le etc. ) tendió la mano desde el otro lado de la mesa
    • to reach for sth
    • I reached for the phone traté de agarrar el teléfono
    • he reached for another chocolate alargó la mano para agarrar otro bombón
    • reach for the sky! ¡manos arriba!
  • 2

    (stretch far enough)
    I can't reach! ¡no alcanzo!
    • to reach to sth alcanzar a / hasta algo
    • she can only reach to the second shelf solo alcanza al / hasta el segundo estante
  • 3

    the lake reaches as far as the border el lago llega / se extiende hasta la frontera
    • his influence reaches down through the centuries su influencia se extiende a lo largo de los siglos
    • the water reached (up) to our knees el agua nos llegaba hasta las rodillas
    • her dress reached (down) to her ankles el vestido le llegaba a los tobillos