Translation of react in Spanish:


reaccionar, v.

Pronunciation /rɪˈakt//riˈækt/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    to react against sth reaccionar contra algo
    • to react on sth afectar algo
    • it reacts on the quality of work afecta la calidad del trabajo
    • to react to sth
    • how did he react to the news? ¿cómo reaccionó frente a / ante la noticia?
    • he reacted to the news with a shrug al oír la noticia se encogió de hombros
    • to react to light reaccionar a la luz
    • she reacted badly to the drug su organismo reaccionó mal al medicamento
    • Gay political groups have reacted with horror, attacking the lead researcher himself as biased.
    • At higher temperatures, magnesium reacts vigorously with oxygen to produce a blinding white light.
    • Why did the government react so violently to the report?
    • Finally, we examine whether investors react rationally to disaster announcements.
    • Their daughter was told about the explosion and reacted with shock when she arrived.
    • Sun's shares quickly fell by about 6 per cent in after-hours trading, as investors reacted to the quarterly report.
    • Thus, it is unsurprising that rubisco still reacts with both oxygen and carbon dioxide.
    • But Edinburgh City Council has reacted angrily to suggestions that they may have deliberately clogged the streets.
    • Your body was reacting the way it was designed to do - with pleasure.
    • Do you think a bunch of guys would have reacted in the same manner?
    • I honestly can't imagine why no one on the show reacts in a similar fashion.
    • When base is added, it reacts with hydronium ion to decrease its concentration, thereby stressing the system.
    • Direct sensing mechanisms might involve proteins or ligands that bind or react with oxygen.
    • All my three daughters react differently to stress.
    • Ward councillors have reacted with dismay, saying it will mean the end of historical links.
    • In these reactions the ozone reacts with nitric oxide to produce nitrogen dioxide.
    • United fans reacted with fury at the announcement.
    • The powers-that-be are scrambling to react to pressure from a dissatisfied public.
    • Males reacted equally strongly to both stimuli for all four parameters.
    • Rail passengers have reacted angrily to news that fares are set to rise.
    • According to critics, established Democratic consultants are not reacting fast enough to changing conditions.
    • If other readers react in the same way as I did, then this collection will have served its purpose.
    • But the links are just harder to study, because everybody reacts to stress differently.
    • One reason is that financial markets react quickly to policy changes.
    • Most people would react negatively to these situations and Ian was no exception.