Translation of reaction in Spanish:


reacción, n.

Pronunciation: /riˈækʃ(ə)n//rɪˈakʃ(ə)n/


  • 1

    • 1.1(response)

      reacción feminine
      reaction to sth
      • the rash must be a reaction to the drugs el sarpullido debe de ser una reacción a los fármacos
      • what was her reaction to the news? ¿cómo reaccionó / cuál fue su reacción frente a / ante la noticia?
      • her gut reaction was to pull out su reacción instintiva fue echarse atrás
      • after yesterday's rise in interest rates, there was a sharp reaction on Wall Street la subida de los tipos de interés de ayer provocó una fuerte sacudida en Wall Street
      • before noun reaction time tiempo de reacción
      • I accept full responsibility for my reaction to a bad situation.
      • The market's reaction was swift and brutal.
      • And with little change in Fed thinking, the financial markets' reaction was muted.
      • The mention of Thomas provoked an immediate reaction from Becky as the Shopkeeper knew it would.
      • We are appreciative of the Australian government's reaction to the situation.
      • However, people have very different mental responses to the body's natural reaction to a stressful situation.
      • Of course, that explained Mother's reaction to the news and her respectfully mournful look.
      • And for an immediate reaction to today's events I think we can speak to Tom Hilton.
      • The only people who usually benefit from a knee-jerk emotional reaction to a security event are the vendors.
      • Yet the fear of this technical underworld has provoked a knee-jerk reaction.
      • We also observe a positive market reaction to the announcements of relocations involving corporate headquarters and plants.
      • He said he has been surprised by the positive reaction from the public.
      • The violence of Violet's reaction had not surprised her, indeed, she was rather pleased by it.
      • Are you surprised by the reaction of your fans?
      • Describing her mother's reaction to the news, Harrold said she was unable to face even her closest friends.
      • He acknowledged that he had an immediate gut reaction to government requests for the media to withhold information.
      • We need to stop worrying about what others think of us and make pictures that elicit a gut reaction.
      • Fifth, anger can be an immediate reaction to an isolated event or it can be a response after numerous events.
      • Negative emotional reactions are often caused by stress.
      • We test whether the market's reaction to such announcements differs among different types of units relocated.

    • 1.2Chemistry

      reacción feminine
      chemical/nuclear reaction reacción química/nuclear
      • Indeed, electrical currents could lead to a potential drop and to heating and catalysis of undesirable electrochemical reactions.
      • Equivalents can be used to simplify balancing chemical equations for many reactions.
      • Exothermic reactions involve the production of energy which is given to the surrounding environment as heat.
      • Furthermore, the compound nuclei produced in cold-fusion reactions contain a relatively small number of neutrons.
      • They're produced during nuclear fusion, the reaction that lights the sun and other stars.
      • The chemical equations for some reactions may have a lone reactant or a single product.
      • Nucleophilic substitution reactions can be either unimolecular or bimolecular.
      • Alkylation reactions are reactions where an alkyl group is introduced into a molecule.
      • Acid reactions are also used in organic synthesis reactions for making polymers, vitamin supplements, and other everyday consumer products.
      • Three randomly picked clones from each PCR reaction were eventually sequenced.
      • The rate of a photolysis reaction is a first-order process.
      • There are many important industrial processes that use electrophilic reactions.
      • Many of these vinyl compounds are made by the reaction of acetylene with electrophiles.
      • Filler metal is obtained from an exothermic reaction between iron oxide and aluminum.
      • Zeolites can soak up liquid or gas molecules and also catalyze chemical reactions.
      • Ozone is produced when sunlight triggers chemical reactions involving reactive hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides.
      • It studies the structure of nuclei, and their reactions and interactions.
      • These materials are based on the polymerization reaction of a diol with a diisocyanate.
      • By contrast, making Kevlar involves a complex series of organic reactions in hot sulphuric acid at high pressures.
      • Chemists study these organisms because they are able to perform chemical reactions under extreme conditions.
      • It is formed from the reaction of nitric oxide with superoxide, and produces carbonyls on proteins.
      • Such " ribozymes " are often used to catalyze reactions involving deoxyribonucleic acid or RNA.
      • One of the primary methods of qualitative analysis involves precipitation reactions.
      • Cold fusion is the term proposed to describe controlled nuclear fusion reactions occurring at or near room temperature.
      • More to the point, it has facilitated many reactions that depend upon acetic acid as a reagent or solvent.

  • 2derogatory

    reacción feminine derogatory
    the forces of reaction las fuerzas reaccionarias / de la reacción derogatory