Translation of reactive in Spanish:


reactivo, adj.

Pronunciation /riˈæktɪv//rɪˈaktɪv/


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    • Often mydriasis occurs with the pupils poorly reactive or non-reactive to light.
    • Are all persons equally reactive or vulnerable to negative interpersonal events?
    • The pupils should be equal, round, and reactive to light in both eyes.
    • I was a bit surprised to read the reactive / defensive response of some of my classmates.
    • Think about your reactive responses in the past to the same or similar experiences.
    • Again, Gibbins accounts for the history of populism in western Canada by suggesting that it is largely a reactive response to the inadequacy of regional representation in the federal government.
    • The Internet poses several potential challenges to the regime that provoke a reactive state response.
    • Today the masculinity crisis is generally seen as a negative reactive response to feminism, to the growing independence of women, and to the blending of gender roles.
    • Thus the direction and depth of our reactive attitudes and moral responses track the type of behavior we are responding to, and help encourage or discourage it, depending on our interests.
    • The less emotionally reactive the couple becomes, the less the therapist structures the enactment.
    • One study thermally characterized the reactive hyperemic response of healthy skin.
    • When we see someone in such a light as this, all our reactive attitudes tend to be profoundly modified.
    • Individuals who have experienced severe trauma would therefore be more likely to be more reactive to pain.
    • Light steering was reactive enough to inspire confidence while firm handling and suspension remained settled around S-bends and potholes.
    • Is the measles virus reactive to ultra violet light?
    • Steering was nicely reactive though a little too light at higher speeds.
    • Generally speaking, it is a reactive organisation, which responds to demand.
    • Among sensation seekers, Zuckerman has found, dopamine levels are low and very reactive to stimulation.
    • The reactive response is when my ego is offended.
    • Another component of reactive aggression is physiological response.