Translation of ready in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈrɛdi//ˈrɛdi/

adjectivereadier, readiest

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    • 1.1(having completed preparations)

      to be ready estar listo
      • I'll be ready in a minute enseguida estoy (lista)
      • ready when you are! ¡cuando quieras!
      • we're ready and waiting estamos listos para lo que sea
      • your documents are ready and waiting sus documentos están listos y a su disposición
      • the doctor is ready for you now ya puede pasar a ver al doctor
      • ready for press listo para la imprenta
      • to be ready to + inf estar listo para + inf
      • are they ready to start? ¿están listos para empezar?
      • to get ready (get dressed, made up etc) prepararse
      • to get sth/sb/oneself ready
      • I'm getting the meal ready estoy preparando la comida
      • it takes her ages to get herself/the children ready tarda siglos en arreglarse/arreglar a los niños
      • to make sth ready poner algo a punto
      • When they are fully ready, they assume their positions, and the camera turns, showing us their opponents for the first time.
      • You will know they are ready when they are fully sprouted.
      • Nicholas is just a pawn, a puppet for Wilson and that is just a temporary situation until Wilson is ready to strike.
      • I learned that I needed to be ready, prepared and fully knowledgeable about the industry.
      • It normally doesn't take me long to get ready for anything but tonight it felt like forever to get ready.
      • So, with a strong sense of camaraderie and purpose, the French were ready and settled in preparation for the battles ahead.
      • If God has already sounded out to us that the breakthrough is coming, then our job is to make preparations and get ready.
      • There wasn't much other than to get ready for the dinner, but even then she would be getting ready too soon.
      • She still had a few hours before she had to hit the casino but if she started now, she could get ready slowly and prepare for her job.
      • Five minutes later, I woke up with pressure down below, midwife checked - fully dilated and ready to go!
      • The players are ready, well prepared, but numbed by tension.
      • They are ready and prepared for the challenge of teaching in another country.
      • I don't know why, but everyone has to take responsibility for themselves and prepare right and get ready.
      • We came back, hoping that the trailer & truck would be fully packed and ready to go.
      • The best way to be prepared for these kinds of situations is to be ready ahead of time.
      • I felt pretty bad and was fully ready to accept the earful that was rightfully due my way and apologise for my out of order behaviour.
      • I wanted to say that, thanks to his prediction, I was ready and prepared for the long cold winter that we just went through.
      • Xiamen is fully ready to provide drinking water to Jinmen, Taiwan Province, which is now suffering drought.
      • They are said to be staying at relatives' homes, watching the situation and ready to move upon orders.
      • Numerous people ran past them in the opposite direction, fully armoured and ready to repel the attack.

    • 1.2(mentally prepared)

      to be ready for sth
      • I don't feel ready for marriage no me siento preparado para el matrimonio
      • after the journey, I was ready for bed después del viaje lo que quería era irme a la cama
      • I feel great, ready for anything me siento fenomenal, dispuesto a todo
      • get ready for a big surprise! ¡prepárate, que te vas a llevar una gran sorpresa!
      • let him pick a quarrel if he wants: I'm ready for him que busque pelea si quiere, aquí lo espero
      • to be ready to + inf
      • I'm not ready to face him yet todavía no estoy preparado para enfrentarme con él

    • 1.3informal (on point of)

      ready to + inf a punto de + inf
      • the wall's ready to collapse la pared está a punto de venirse abajo
      • she looks ready to drop tiene cara de estar agotada / de estar a punto de caerse muerta
      • After getting a jump-lead start from the police, they drove back to St James's, ready to drop.
      • It looked like you were ready to drop after a couple of hours there.
      • The man behind the mask is called upon to catch pitches fired at blazing speed until his hands are ready to drop off.
      • By 3pm they were ready to drop and headed home laden with bargains.
      • His horse looked ready to drop, and lines of worry and a sleepless night crossed his face.
      • If there is another agency which is lending money at better interest rates and with better conditions, I am ready to shift.
      • Austria felt a great deal of loyalty to him and was ready to hand him the victory to prevent Germany from eliminating him.
      • He interrogated him, seeming almost ready to explode in a fit of rage at any second.
      • After eleven and a half hours, I was pretty much ready to drop.
      • Sure enough, I was ready to drop at five o'clock, returned to bed and fell instantly to sleep.
      • I began to fume as I was ready to drop from tiredness, but I couldn't say anything because the people there were really nice.
      • In the morning he'd looked as though he were ready to drop down dead while I felt oddly refreshed.
      • His face was purplish and he looked quite ready to explode.
      • It was nearly three in the morning and he looked ready to drop from exhaustion.
      • Cara looked ready to drop dead on the spot, especially when Emil leaned over to inspect it.
      • Anyone would think that they would be worn out and ready to hand the reins of the grand tours over to their heirs.
      • I was ready to drop from lack of sleep, so we proceeded home.
      • We walked and talked to voters till we both were ready to drop.

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    ready and willing dispuesto a todo
    • to be ready to + inf estar dispuesto a + inf
    • they are ready to die for their country están dispuestos a morir por la patria
    • she's too ready to find fault es muy dada a criticar
    • they found a ready market for their product encontraron un mercado muy receptivo para su producto
    • But the courts are ready, willing and able to deal with highly secretive and sensitive evidence.
    • There had to be about 100 girls in this crowd, each one of them eager and ready to go to the palace.
    • The southern Sudanese are eager and ready to provide the balance of forces.
    • You display leadership qualities and are unafraid, ready to face professional competition or rivalry.
    • Thus, the child can develop into a multi-faceted personality eager and ready to face the world.
    • The most important factor is the open and friendly staff who are always ready to serve and eager to please.
    • Now get ready for good times, as we're ready to unveil our three newest rides for the 2003 year!
    • Their writing is taking them in a new direction that they are fully prepared for and ready to embrace.
    • Then the magic of working close to home really kicked in as I got home before 5pm feeling none too tired, ready and able to do something.
    • I had done my homework, and it's no coincidence that I have a fully briefed legal team ready to go.
    • There was something of an evangelical awakening going on at this time, and the people of this region were ready to participate fully in the debates.
    • But I was always ready to experience something new, so I agreed to hostess.
    • So we take more than a passing interest in this masterplan and are certainly ready to play our part in bringing new life and learning right into the heart of the city.
    • But only 28 percent said they were ready to limit their consumption of domestic poultry.
    • A senior official of a top company said IT firms were ready to face any situation.
    • He was always ready to make himself available, accepting a series of neat passes from the midfield and ever keen to take the direct route to goal.
    • Doubts resolved, he is now committed, eager and ready to take up the challenge.
    • The school is now fully equipped and ready to strive for excellence in the world of information technology.
    • In any case, all is well on the frontline again and I think I am just about fully recovered and ready to rock and roll this weekend.
    • There are marvellous younger people, all over the world, ready and willing, capable and energetic.
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    (easy, available)
    he's a ready source of useful tips siempre tiene un consejo útil
    • there is no ready solution to this problem el problema no tiene fácil solución
    • do you have any ready money / cash? ¿tienes dinero (en efectivo)?
    • ready to hand a mano
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    (wit/intellect) vivo
    (wit/intellect) agudo
    • We will miss her ready smile, her sparkling blue eyes and her witness.
    • Another problem is the ready access to alcohol from a nearby bottle shop.
    • We all know and loved Angela, who always had a chat and a ready smile.
    • A provincial premier has ready access to any number of learned advisors.
    • With her doctorate in medieval history, and a quick and ready mind, Pam would be no slouch herself under questioning.
    • After all, they're the ones who will have most ready access to the drugs if and when they are ever developed and marketed.
    • He was the first to refuse a papal coronation in favour of a simple inaugural service, and was liked for his ready smiles and warm personality.
    • Many of these offices provide essential services for small communities who do not have ready access to urban centres.
    • The nurses all had a ready smile and nothing was too much trouble.
    • Those who have seen her at numerous events in Bangalore remember her warm nature, ready wit and charming smile.
    • That's no problem for places such as St Raphael's, that has ready access to Yale's medical students.
    • A woman with a smile as ready as it is warm, Ann has all the motherly charms of a village matchmaker.
    • There are lots of reasons why non-legal professionals may need this sort of ready access to the law as at a historical date.
    • He was young, bright, fair, full of life, with an open smile and a ready, quick wit.
    • A cheerful and obliging man, his ready smile was a true indication of his gentle character.
    • The combustible fusion of imperialism abroad, fear-mongering at home, and ready access to firearms has ensured this.
    • He had a quick and ready wit and a mischievous sense of humour.
    • He will be remembered for his ready smile, quiet humour and his true gentlemanly qualities.
    • The problem was that after a few days all that information was pretty much lost to me because there was no ready way to access it.
    • Many people lack ready access to computer technologies and the Internet's information and communication resources.

nounPlural readies


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    readies / the ready mosca feminine Colombia informal

transitive verbreadying, readied, readies

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