Translation of real estate in Spanish:

real estate

bienes raíces, n.



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    bienes raíces masculine
    bienes inmuebles masculine
    propiedad inmobiliaria feminine
    before noun real estate agent corredora de propiedades feminine Chile
    • Most states have more exemptions for personal property than real estate.
    • There are three types of real estate consumers - sellers, buyers and investors.
    • The island is home to about $12 billion of the choicest real estate in the country.
    • To attain individual private property, Kanaks must buy land or real estate outside the reserves.
    • A standard real estate contract was also appropriate because this house was already built.
    • Here we'll look at some of the pros and cons of leasing farm machinery and equipment and farm real estate to children.
    • One of the reasons one is entitled to the integrity of one's real estate is that one can do things on that real estate which are not seen by the public.