Translation of realign in Spanish:


realinear, v.

Pronunciation /ˌriəˈlaɪn//riːəˈlʌɪn/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (currencies/positions) realinear
    (salaries) reajustar
    (team) reestructurar
    you need to realign the paper hay que volver a centrar el papel
    • The college must move forward and realign itself with the demand for skills-based training if it is to attract the funding it needs to provide services to the people of Keighley.
    • ‘By the end of the first episode he has completely realigned himself with Elizabeth,’ he confirms.
    • The Bosnian war provided an opportunity for these layers of ex-radicals to realign their politics with those of imperialism.
    • Take some time to realign yourself with your intent.
    • But the 1991 Gulf War provided an opportunity for Syria to realign itself with the Western powers.
    • Once that had happened, the pieces would realign themselves in patterns favorable to U.S. interests.
    • In their view, the Liberals should be moving far more aggressively to realign socioeconomic policy in accordance with capital's requirements.
    • Other treatments include bracing or taping of the affected joint to realign them and reduce pain when they are moved.
    • Such a transformation realigns governments, legislatures, and armed forces to multinational collective security and collective defense.
    • In other words, ‘they adjusted but also resisted, they bent but stood firm, they educated but realigned themselves with the new circumstances’.
    • One simple control strategy would be to urgently realign the body position in the next stride using negative feedback.
    • Having won the balance of power, Peters defied his own election promises and realigned himself with the National Party and its pro-market agenda.
    • The alternative is an osteotomy, in which a thin wedge of bone is removed to realign the joint; this often relieves the pain dramatically.
    • They'll be fundamentally altering the government's responsibility to its citizens, profoundly realigning the nation in favor of the stock-market-invested rich and against the interests of the poor.
    • Over time, the alliance that made up the Zulu kingdom varied in strength and, especially under the rule of Shaka's successor King Dingane, some clans even broke away and realigned themselves with new groups.
    • The party has also gradually reversed previous localization policies, realigning itself with the pro-China faction.
    • Chiropractic adjustments aim to realign your vertebrae, restore range of motion and free up your nerve pathways.
    • It lifts your mood, restores your energy, realigns your brain chemistry - and the price is unbeatable.
    • By lowering the axe on social spending and slashing the taxes on corporations and the rich, the Liberals are realigning social policy to unabashedly serve the private, egoistic needs of big business.
    • It would throw off the neocon power base and realign all manner of forces.
    • The custom-made moulding inserted into shoes and boots ensures that people stand in the correct position, realigning their gait and easing pressure on other parts of the body.
    • We are now analysing that expenditure with the aim of realigning it with the research, so that it reinforces what we now know makes a real difference for students.
    • Hopefully we'll realign ourselves with the natural world.
    • Hobongwana said that the other officials would not be expelled, pending their commitment to realigning themselves with the party within 21 days.
    • After Britain's forced withdrawal from Singapore, at the hands of the Japanese, in 1942, the Australian government realigned itself with the new emerging power in the Pacific, the United States.
    • The main streets in Crossmolina are being realigned and restored following the laying of a new sewerage scheme in the town.
    • In response to a humiliating defeat, Egypt began realigning itself to gain U.S. support.
    • But it turned out that that was a 15-month year, because we realigned the accrual accounting.
    • It is time to recognize the historical wind shifts and realign our forces or be buffeted by them.
    • What the Budget did was to realign the Labour Party back to its roots, as a party of redistribution.
    • In order to realign themselves with their audiences' priorities, the news media must start treating critics of the military with the same skepticism they apply to Pentagon spokesmen.
    • This issue of Liberal Education suggests to me that a different, realigned role for faculty is possible.

intransitive verb

to realign with

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    formar una alianza con