Translation of reamer in Spanish:


exprimelimones, n.

Pronunciation /ˈrimər//ˈriːmə/



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    exprimelimones masculine
    exprimidor masculine
    • Coming down the stairs, half dead in my dressing gown I saw the last of the men in orange rifling through the kitchen drawers, presumably searching for a tardy lemon reamer or rogue potato peeler.
    • I will still use my wooden reamer for small jobs.
    • The game was purchased at a local church rummage sale that also netted us a juicer/meat grinder for $2, complete with reamer!
    • Using a citrus reamer, muddle the leaves until they are dark green and pasty; the total volume should reduce by about half, and they should have released quite a bit of liquid.
    • This is the reamer bowl attachment for my food mixer.