Translation of reapply in Spanish:


volver a presentarse, v.

Pronunciation /ˌriəˈplaɪ//riːəˈplʌɪ/

intransitive verbreapplying, reapplied, reapplies

  • 1

    volver a presentarse
    volver a aplicar Andes

transitive verbreapplying, reapplied, reapplies

  • 1

    (apply differently)
    (principle/rule) aplicar en forma diferente
    • He intends to reapply for planning permission.
    • Then he successfully reapplied for his licence in 1991, insisting: ‘I'm at no more risk than any other boxer, and life's all about taking gambles.’
    • When, like hundreds of thousands of other motorists, I had to reapply for a driver's licence five years ago, we were assured that the new plastic-card system would prevent fraud.
    • In addition older drivers may be less likely to reapply for a license when an in-person renewal is required.
    • He will have to take an extended driving test if he reapplies for a driving licence.
    • Ford, wife of trainer Richard, will ride the 11-year-old in the race after recently reapplying for her licence.
    • The company had to wait six months to reapply for a licence and in the meantime it remained with no revenues and continued to generate debt.
    • Gallagher will not be able to reapply for his licence for another 18 months after he admitted to testing positive for cocaine again.
    • Last week it was revealed 80 per cent of pubs in Gravesham had failed to reapply for their licences.
    • I have since had to report the missing licence to the police and must now reapply for a duplicate, all at my expense and inconvenience.
    • By constantly reapplying Smithian justice and mercy, and algebra, we kept ‘freedom and security’ alive.
    • This would contain biometric features such as finger printing and once the person had this permit they could leave and re-enter the State without reapplying for a visa.
    • Those cafes that meet safety and other standards will be allowed to reapply for licenses while those found lacking will be closed and their property confiscated, it quoted him saying.
    • Mr Trevelyan said he was ‘disappointed’ but would abide by the club's decision and had no plans to reapply for a licence on the disputed site or any other land.
    • When I went over there to his office in Switzerland, he was still truly a regional architect, taking those principles that he had learned and reapplying them in this new context.
    • He urged all businesses to reapply for a licence as soon as possible.
    • Under the act existing gun owners need to reapply for their licences.
    • The source code itself can be sometimes reused, but more importantly, the learning that is represented in the source code can be reapplied in different contexts without major problems.
    • While those over 70 have to reapply for a driving licence every three years, they are allowed to fill out the medical questionnaire themselves.
    • There are a lot of aeronautics and aerospace technologies, things we use on aircraft everyday, that if you reapply them can produce a whole lot more.
    • Offenders will also be shut down immediately and will have to reapply as new applicants, according to the ministry.
    • The bill states that if the credit contract, consumer lease, or buy-back transaction is oppressive, then that contract, lease or transaction can be reopened by the court and conditions can be reapplied.
    • He explains that he's reapplied those principles learned in France at his restaurants.
    • Under new legislation, all licensees have had to reapply for their licence - whether they want to just convert their existing licence or vary it to include extended hours or entertainment.
    • Coherence is about the experience, about using what you've been learning and reapplying it.
    • The company must now wait six months if it wishes to reapply for a licence.
    • I've shown him that when I relieve the corridor of pressures by stepping farther away from his primary line, he can ensure I won't reapply the pressure by turning and coming up to me.
    • In the light of the earlier analysis suggesting an unusual status for the locus D19S244, we also reapply the method to the first data set, both with and without D19S244.
    • For a total of 550 applicants, 92 of whom were reapplying, two independent interviewers obtained data from a standardised interview for each candidate.
  • 2

    (apply again)
    (paint/sunscreen) aplicar de nuevo
    • Apply sunscreen liberally 20 minutes before going outdoors and reapply every two hours, after heavy sweating or after being in water.
    • Sister Matthews said she sometimes visited every day to reapply bandages and check children's eczema, saving families long and difficult trips to the hospital out-patient department.
    • Put it on before you leave the house and reapply every two hours.
    • Apply the sunblock at least 15 minutes before going outdoors, and reapply it after prolonged physical activity.
    • Start now with a light formula, and reapply every four days or so until you get the shade you want.
    • She takes out a tube of lipstick and reapplies it.
    • She takes a moment to reapply her lipstick, run a comb through her hair and have her picture taken, before nestling into one of the café's comfy leather sofas for a chat about her new job.
    • I had on white tennis shoes but not the kind that are so white you could use them as a mirror to reapply your lipstick.
    • Always remember to reapply it every so often and try to stay out of the sun during the hottest hours of the day.
    • Simply reapply them every six weeks to ensure an almost slug-free zone.
    • Christine's party trick is to talk while removing and reapplying her make-up without a mirror.
    • Most girls didn't use a body lotion, one never used moisturiser, another never took off her mascara - just kept reapplying it and once a week scrubbing it off in the shower.
    • Imagine putting on your make-up and not having to reapply it for three days.
    • However, the effectiveness of these materials is reduced by rainfall, which means they have to be reapplied regularly.
    • The successful applicant needs to be quick on his/her feet in order to reapply mascara and lippy during breaks in play, and not too hung up on the fact that real blokes don't wear makeup.
    • Apply it 30 minutes before exposure and reapply every 2 hours.
    • Although my face looked flushed, I was able to reapply my make-up and go out that evening.
    • He reapplied some different ointments and re-wrapped some all of the bandages he just took off.
    • You must always reapply your sunblock after about an hour and a half, give or take how light you are.
    • I quickly pull out a strawberry flavored lip gloss and gently apply, then reapply it to my lips.