Translation of rearm in Spanish:


rearmar, v.

Pronunciation: /riˈɑrm//riːˈɑːm/

transitive verb

  • 1

    • Within minutes, the soldiers had rearmed themselves with weapons and ammunition.
    • British troops entered Greece in 1944, after the Resistance had liberated the country, only to rearm the fascist militias the Germans had created in order to turn them on the Resistance!
    • As noted, although the Army would want to retain heavy elements well into the future, there would eventually be a need to rearm the heavy forces with a follow-on vehicle.
    • American officers watched the Fascists consolidate their rule in Italy, Hitler rearm Germany, and Japan begin its march of conquest in Asia.
    • This is clear from the measures undertaken to rearm the German military - measures supported by all the parties.
    • Refueling and rearming them was an easy process.
    • More generally it showed what considerable efforts the Third Republic had made towards rearming France in the late 1930s.
    • This unit is subject to attack and has a certain round trip time, so rearming units in the middle of combat at a distant front line can be a dicey proposition.
    • She gathered up her coat, already mentally rearming herself.
    • Despite initial reservations, they also played a major part in devising a satisfactory structure within which West Germany could be rearmed, and included in NATO in 1955.
    • French and German opposition to the war has translated into an initiative to rearm Europe.
    • Dos Santos also repeated his accusation that Savimbi had used previous peace accords to buy time while he rearmed his troops.
    • The RF Armed Forces and other troops should be fully rearmed by 2020-2025.
    • The holocaust and Hitler could have been prevented if the allies had stopped Hitler from rearming Germany.
    • After the Civil War, small-arms technology evolved rapidly, but a penurious Congress and an intractable ordnance board balked at rearming an entire army.
    • The torpedo planes that had been rearmed were brought up to the flight decks, beginning around 0920, but at least a third remained in the hangar decks at 1000.
    • Some of the most strident support for amending Article 9 and rearming Japan is to be found in Washington, rather than Tokyo.
    • After ready rounds are fired, crewman will need to rearm the launcher.
    • Widespread fears loomed about the efficacy of the young democracy and the dangers of rearming a recently created German state.

intransitive verb

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