Translation of reassign in Spanish:


redesignar, v.

Pronunciation /ˌriəˈsaɪn//riːəˈsʌɪn/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (employee) redesignar
    • In July, an Army captain was reassigned and stripped of his leave home after writing an opinion piece published in the Washington Post.
    • But as business turns sour, his boss threatens to reassign him.
    • He was immediately reassigned to administrative duties.
    • Like the Republicans, he believed the president wanted the flexibility to hire, fire and reassign workers.
    • After it was discovered that his daughter has cancer he was reassigned in June 2003 to Fort Sam Houston to be with his family.
    • He then served as an instructor in engineering at West Point for two years after which he was reassigned to a post in Georgia.
    • The current search began when the previous manager was reassigned from the post in August.
    • You must have known now that I am relieving you from your current post and reassigning you back to internals.
    • When a position is eliminated in the Active ranks, the personnel system reassigns the soldier.
    • Within about 15 minutes of that release, we were reassigned to Riverside County.
    • In the meantime, I was reassigned to the position of legal affairs correspondent, a post which I held for five years.
    • Reporters are reassigned to new jobs from time to time.
    • The company also maintains a labor policy that reassigns workers rather than laying them off, which has led to a very low turnover rate and reduces hiring and training costs.
    • Get rid of wasteful overlaps in the government bureaucracy and reassign those people to useful, new jobs
    • In some cases you might even have to reassign people.
    • And people had to reassign me in their own minds.
    • The editor then changed Webb's status from investigative reporter and reassigned him to a distant bureau, miles away from his family.
    • During her tumultuous time as deputy bureau chief in the late eighties, she proposed reassigning many reporters out, to other bureaus and lesser posts.
    • The courts are saying that they've needed to reassign people to handle all the subpoena requests and have become little more than a ‘clearinghouse’.
    • The school has written to Sutton social services requesting a social worker is reassigned to Robert.
  • 2

    (funds/resources) reasignar
    • So Dad had his project reassigned and moved us up to Alaska.
    • With the introduction of newer virtual-storage technologies, system administrators can dynamically assign, reassign, and allocate storage resources in real time.
    • Several species originally assigned to Zanthopsis have been formally reassigned to other genera herein or by other authors.
    • ‘By closing those offices that are no longer efficient, the ministry can instead reassign resources and energy to other matters,’ Chien said.
    • Two clicks, and the tracks and mixer appeared; only the second set of 12 tracks needed to be reassigned at the mixer.
    • During the equilibration phase, the velocities were reassigned every 0.5 ps, conforming to the Maxwell-Boltzmann distribution.
    • For example, both authors use a combination of rescreening data, laboratory statistics, report accuracy, and program performance to reassign workload.
    • To avoid this, ML reassigned the allocation of one patient, chosen at random, within each batch, before we reverted to minimisation.
    • In his opinion the chairperson had general power to assign and reassign cases already assigned.
    • On Lag 0 Ignored Repetition trials, the probe target was reassigned the word that appeared as the distractor in the second prime display.
    • Laws that interfere with contracts simply assign and reassign risk.
    • After assigning clusters randomly, the researchers had to combine and reassign clusters.
    • A military leader explained that Vietnam is inactivated at this date and its mission and functions reassigned.
    • The online site will be monitored for the next year, noting the number of hits and messages from the viewers and then the project will be redesigned and reassigned.
    • So things are once again in a state of rearrangement in my humble apartment, getting shifted, moved around and reassigned.
    • Would the ability to reassign resources without downtime or service interruption be beneficial?
    • Although courses in the program would continue to be offered, the administration reassigned the professor's courses to others.
    • Legal experts said it is common practice in the Eastern District of Virginia to reassign a bankruptcy case to the same judge who handled the first one.
    • Players need to help each other to complete the game, exchanging their partial views of the game, suggesting moves to each other, and reassigning the workload among themselves.
    • Sure, that can be fine-tuned so that there is not too much of a surplus in staffing, by reassigning stuff and bouncing it to other centres, provided that is done properly.