Translation of reassurance in Spanish:


Pronunciation /riːəˈʃʊərəns//ˌriəˈʃʊrəns/


  • 1

    • 1.1(feeling)

      he drew reassurance from his wife's words lo que le dijo su mujer lo confortó / lo tranquilizó
      • My children gain comfort and reassurance from me in exactly that tableau.
      • But the main need for our frail elderly brothers and sisters in Christ is fellowship and reassurance in the gospel.
      • Through it all, a coach provides a steady stream of encouragement and reassurance.
      • If only my mother had known about such simple measures as adjusting the feeding position and soothing reassurance.
      • To pre-empt that process by false praise or empty reassurance is not to further the growth of the individual but to cripple it.
      • There is often little creative scope, frustration is common, and regular praise and reassurance are essential.
      • Along with the spinach pancakes I also enjoyed some comfort and reassurance.
      • She has had trouble with her back and was tearful with relief after the comforting reassurance meted out by her principal and tutors.
      • They are given support and reassurance during their stay but, once they return home, they are on their own.
      • The arrival of police community support officers and community wardens can help give the public reassurance.
      • For these children, the parent seemed to be both a source of fear and of reassurance.
      • I know that many people find a great deal of comfort and reassurance from their faith and I'm happy for them.
      • As a result, they feel they need relief and reassurance more than ever.
      • Women who have experienced such loss require considerable reassurance and support in a subsequent pregnancy.
      • Underneath you both want reassurance, but fear you'll be rejected.
      • Enthusiastic patient contact, reassurance, and long term support are important.
      • Lisa is aware of his constant presence, bringing reassurance and comfort.
      • Support and reassurance that growing pains will pass as children grow up can help them relax.
      • Perhaps it was for his own consolation - like pinching oneself in reassurance.
      • I had interviewed her and noted she was nervous and wanted reassurance and comfort.

    • 1.2(words, support)

      he gave us countless reassurances that there would be no danger nos tranquilizó asegurándonos repetidamente que no habría peligro
      • his reassurances failed to lessen her anxiety sus palabras tranquilizadoras nos consiguieron disminuir su angustia
      • she needs constant reassurance of your love necesita que constantemente le demuestres tu amor
      • Institutional investors are understood to be seeking reassurances that companies will take on board their concerns.
      • The scream, and the voices that answered with soothing reassurances, came from down the hall.
      • There are no reassurances, but I understand fully what the member and Mr Donnelly are talking about, and we do not have a problem.
      • Instead, they have been issued only general reassurances that private companies will make allowances for them.
      • The agreement has yet to be finalised, and Kent councillors are understood to be seeking reassurances about their end of the deal before they sign on the dotted line.
      • Festival organizers seem to have keyed into the public anxiety over their use of the park and are offering plenty of reassurances.
      • The Selby and York Primary Care Trust, which will administer the new service, offers its reassurances that the good work will continue.
      • Police have offered reassurances to the public after a registered sex offender was sent to prison for nearly ten years after re-offending.
      • So, as you would expect, the golfers wanted reassurances, guarantees and prompt answers to any questions they might have.
      • Despite constant reassurances to the director on the proposed sale, commercial negotiations have yet to be completed by the company.
      • He had to pay for a wheel clamp to be removed in early April and despite reassurances has still not seen a penny of his £95 back.
      • Plato listened intently, offering reassurances every step of the way.
      • And councillors are demanding reassurances that correct procedures were followed.
      • The Europhile former chancellor wanted reassurances about the direction Mr Howard intends to take the party.
      • York MP Hugh Bayley is now demanding reassurances from the health trusts into which his Government pumped thousands of extra pounds.
      • Notice that his reassurances about her doubts initially take the form of a warning about the dangers of narrative.
      • They aren't the only ones who want answers or reassurances that such a power outage won't happen again.
      • Unfortunately, I doubt whether such reassurances will silence the critics.
      • This negative response occurs despite reassurances that it will take a short time to complete.
      • The diplomats will be on hand to offer their condolences and reassurances to the grief-stricken nurses.

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    reaseguro masculine