Translation of rebase in Spanish:


Pronunciation /riːˈbeɪs//riˈbeɪs/

transitive verb

  • 1

    establecer una nueva base para calcular
    • All 22 million English homes are now being revalued by the government's Valuation Office agency to pave the way for a rebasing of charges from April 2007.
    • The British Gurkha regiments were rebased in Malaya, later in Hong Kong, and finally in Britain.
    • Shortly thereafter the Government Statistician announced a rebasing of the index, which could have been used to justify a lower rate of increase.
    • This looks nearer to reality as convergence on a rebased basis is clear.
    • The flight was scheduled as a routine mission in which another crewman and I would rebase our qualifications.
    • We are completely restructuring our units to provide the right mix of warfighting capabilities while rebasing them to new and better facilities to provide a premier quality of life.
    • He rebased the finances of racing, and went out on a tremendous high by settling the dispute with the Office of Fair Trading.
    • Apart from the rebasing of the Italian lira in January 1990, when it moved from the wide to the narrow fluctuation band, there were no realignments.
    • After we provided the ship with a surface-surveillance picture, we started rebasing our night doppler approaches.
    • The effect of this is to the benefit of the Husband by some £24,000 because it will reduce his ultimate liability by that amount as 50% of the properties values will be rebased for tax purposes.
    • Attempts by the chief executive to rebase the company's share options, even as the shares sank so low as to become virtually worthless, was typical of the decoupling.
    • They frequently rebased our trees against the latest upstream kernels as well as integrated additional bug fixes, performance tunings, hardware platform support and feature additions.
    • ‘We need to have a rebasing of the levels of awards and investors need to be strong about demanding it.
    • The rebasing affects all series from their start dates, which is 1919 for total IP and manufacturing IP, 1948 for manufacturing capacity, and 1967 for total industrial capacity.
    • For instance, rebasing by adding 50 to the non-economic component in each period and subtracting 50 from the economic component would not affect the conclusions at all.
    • Without the war, such rebasing may not have proved necessary.
    • The company's associates have sold out as well and the chief executive had some options rebased from 70p to 10p.
    • During this year, the entire National Accounts have been rebased from 1993 onward which caused the delay in publishing these all important national benchmarks.