Translation of rebel in Spanish:


rebelde, n.

Pronunciation /ˈrɛbəl//ˈrɛb(ə)l/


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    rebelde masculine
    (forces/army) (before noun) rebelde
    the rebel leader el cabecilla rebelde
    • Dozens of boys and men suffocated to death, locked for days in an airless, sweltering shipping container by rebels controlling northern Ivory Coast, according to two survivors.
    • The rebel leaders had taken the high ground, and as many as 300 strong outnumbered the troops by approximately three to one.
    • Police blamed the explosion on rebels waging an armed insurrection in the kingdom.
    • Since 1991 the rebel force Revolutionary United Front has abducted 15,000 children.
    • But they have failed to kill or capture the main rebel leaders, or flush the guerrillas out of the south.
    • Heavily armed security forces then stormed the place and caught the rebel leader by surprise.
    • On some of the 11 other complaints lodged by lawyers of the jailed rebel leader, the court ruled in Turkey's favour.
    • The underground fighters have been called many things in the past - hostiles, insurgents, rebels, militants, armed Naga gangs.
    • These reluctant leaders tamed disorderly rebels into a disciplined force, and sought enough concessions from the king to send the commons home content.
    • The rebel leaders, as a result, have sent their embarrassing child-soldiers back across the border into Liberia.
    • This date marks the 200th Anniversary to the very day when the rebel leader ended his resistance and walked through the gates of Humewood and into captivity.
    • The rebel movement was the armed wing of an opposition group, the Popular Congress Party, Adam said.
    • In 1986, the rebel leader travelled to Washington where he was received like a head of state, meeting the President in the Oval Office.
    • Toussaint had honed his defiant style for years as a leader of a rebel faction whose positions sometimes seemed like militancy for its own sake.
    • The rebels waging the armed insurgency have in the past also set free soldiers or policemen captured during fighting with government forces.
    • There are no insurance companies in rebel-held eastern Congo, and the Rwandan-backed rebels who control the city have no resources of their own to assist the victims.
    • However, during the truce, the party's militia would respond with force in the event it came under attack from government security forces, the rebel leader said.
    • Forked story paths in the beginning allow you to choose between siding with the armed rebels in resistance or the Soviets in appeasement.
    • But the State Department said the United States and its international partners do not recognize the rebel leader as head of the Haitian armed forces.
    • Putin canceled his trip to Mexico to deal with the hostage crisis at a Moscow theater, which ended Saturday after Russian special forces stormed it and killed the rebel leader and many in his group.
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    rebelde feminine
    he's a bit of a rebel es algo rebelde
    • Jude is a tour de force, a refashioned version of the Jewish mother as a bohemian, a rebel against convention who critiques mainstream culture.
    • Hetfield, still the rebel bad boy, resists the process until he goes into rehab for six months and gets with the Program.
    • But, hey, I'm a rebel without a clue, so I'm going to do it.
    • Back then, I was into Bukowski the iconoclast, the rebel with that irreverent humour.
    • After all, the rise of the rebel biker has literally been hand-in-hand with the advent of popular and alternative culture.
    • Once feared by the authorities and celebrated by rebels from Notting Hill to Zimbabwe, roots reggae has been sanitised.
    • It isn't very easy to control a rebel daughter, but somehow I managed.
    • Stiglitz himself, who won the Nobel Prize for Economics last year, was something of a maverick, an internal rebel.
    • You're not exactly a rebel to authority, but you never hesitate to challenge anyone who assumes power irresponsibly.
    • Power is hierarchical; the rebel challenges authority, presumes to be the defiant equal of his creator or of his king, and is convinced that his stubbornness will redeem him.
    • That's changing, thanks to the Internet, and to rogues and rebels like Tong and his collaborators at his Studios.
    • The idea that children are natural rebels who reject convention and prefer a state of anarchy is bunk.
    • But then so did my family, including the experience with the collection of mavericks, doughty rebels and oddballs that was the Latin Mass Society.
    • During her years at Westminster she became a notable rebel, supporting controversial causes, such as the Troops Out campaign for British withdrawal from Northern Ireland.
    • And yet that same culture would flatter us into believing we are a nation of mavericks and rebels.
    • He was seen as a rebel who challenged authority in order to preserve his freedom.
    • Right from the white-T-shirted, blue-jeaned Adonis of his early films, and even before that, Brando was a rebel and a maverick.

intransitive verbrebelled, rebelling

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    to rebel against sth/sb rebelarse / sublevarse contra algo/algn