Translation of recalcitrant in Spanish:


recalcitrante, adj.

Pronunciation /rəˈkælsətrənt//rɪˈkalsɪtr(ə)nt/


  • 1

    contumaz formal
    • It may be possible to chip away at recalcitrant citizens by portraying the obstinate allies as mischievous or worse.
    • She has compared recalcitrant education officials to children who need to be disciplined.
    • The force has not disclosed exactly how weapons would be confiscated from any recalcitrant gunmen, insisting only that they would be vigorous in enforcing the rule.
    • Accustomed to yelling at recalcitrant dogs and pushy hunt followers, Ferry exudes authority and self-possession.
    • To bring in the law as a big stick with which to beat parents of recalcitrant kids implies that there can be no discipline: only punishment.
    • Faced with difficulties from recalcitrant landowners and political opponents, the scheme eventually necessitated financial rescue by the king himself.
    • She has attached herself to it by a long-handled pruner and is trying to summon up enough leverage to cut the recalcitrant branch, while chatting non-stop.
    • It seems puzzling why the president is so determined to battle recalcitrant Senate Republicans over the size and makeup of the tax-cut legislation.
    • Rarely do recalcitrant companies get punished.
    • How else to explain the chronic neglect of a program that effectively fights some of our most pernicious and recalcitrant social problems?
    • Southern states were somewhat recalcitrant, and some even maintained a separate holiday to honor Confederate war dead.
    • He was often handed the difficult and recalcitrant patients by his bosses and he hadn't failed one yet.
    • Not only was he not powerful enough to take on the French army in a heavily-defended city, but he had only just succeeded in stamping his authority on his own recalcitrant barons.
    • The code of ethics falls short of the expectations of many because there are no clear-cut penalties stated for recalcitrant legislators.
    • If this seems crazy, then crazier still is that a solution exists to reconcile this, yet those in a position to make it happen are, like recalcitrant pupils, not paying attention.
    • The Commissioner's powers to approve, audit and discipline recalcitrant players are uncertain in the Bill.
    • At the same time, he did not mind appealing to the council to discipline recalcitrant citizens who played tennis in the town square while he was preaching on Sunday.
    • When the House Republican leadership on occasion has given him a list of recalcitrant members to rope in on a specific bill, he never has delivered.
    • Residents' associations should be authorised to fine recalcitrant drivers who do not turn up at fixed timings.
    • The Belgians in the Congo, the French in Algeria, practiced torture and sexual humiliation on despised recalcitrant natives.