Translation of recapitulate in Spanish:


recapitular, v.

Pronunciation /ˌriːkəˈpɪtjʊleɪt//ˌrikəˈpɪtʃəˌleɪt/

transitive verb

  • 1formal

    (argument/points) recapitular
    (argument/points) resumir
    • So, to recapitulate: he says he didn't know what was in the resolution because he wasn't paying close attention.
    • Let us begin by briefly recapitulating the novel's plot.
    • The story of the Union has been told on several occasions and there is no need to recapitulate it.
    • There would be little point in recapitulating this excellent and very readable review.
    • It might be superfluous to recapitulate the debate between traditional Marxist-Leninists and neo-Marxists such as Immanuel Wallerstein - that would require in itself a separate inquiry.
    • To recapitulate, the adjective lists used in this study were generated from a rigorous pilot study and were matched for emotionality, imaginability, word frequency, and word length.
    • The argument is rather simple so let me recapitulate.
    • In a strange, deadpan, yet brutal and even hysterical way, the play seems to be recapitulating all the debates about the relationship between life and art of the past century and a half.
    • I won't try to recapitulate his entire argument.
    • They are not sincere, he says, and he does not even bother to recapitulate their arguments or try to refute them.
    • It is worth recapitulating all this if only to suggest that whatever the public or private reasons for threatening to go to war, it is hard to see how it can be justified.
    • To recapitulate, Young differs with me profoundly on the question of whether we should support the resistance, and hope for their victory against the army of occupation.
    • The student might begin with a sentence or two recapitulating the general area of the research, followed by a brief restatement of the specific topic and the research question.
    • There are other significant discrepancies between police and media reports and the known facts, but there is no need to recapitulate those here.
    • Just so you know what this is about, I will recapitulate the details.
    • To recapitulate: this story has a long way to run, that much at least is clear.
    • To recapitulate, the nation-state favours national identity, while the communist state favours class, since nations are conceived to be in transition and a temporary phase to be overcome.
    • The conclusion recapitulates and summarizes the main findings of the work.
    • Participants recapitulated their major arguments and group discussions highlighted recurring themes and issues.
    • Finally, let us briefly recapitulate the knowledge argument.
  • 2

    (theme/passage) repetir

intransitive verb

  • 1

    to recapitulate en resumen
  • 2