Translation of receive in Spanish:


recibir, v.

Pronunciation: /rəˈsiv//rɪˈsiːv/

transitive verb

  • 1

    • Those who are to be received into the communion of the Church of England stand before the president to make this declaration.
    • I went to receive him at the airport as he was visiting the town for a lecture.
    • On his recent visit to New Zealand, he was received by our government officials.
    • Not until 1600 did Elizabeth consent to receive him at court.
    • After she recovered, she was received into the Catholic Church.
    • With Newman's guidance, he was received into the Roman Catholic Church in 1866.
    • Heads of State on official visits to France, mayors of major cities and prominent figures are received at the City Hall by the Mayor and the Council of Paris.
    • According to Catholic custom, they receive a special name and are received into the Church.
    • There are now estimated to be 10 million homes in the UK which can receive all of the BBC's digital services.
    • There is a minute electrical current induced in the antenna by the radio signal it receives.
    • For a fee private subscribers could also be hooked up to receive the time signal.
    • A station on the earth's surface sends the signal to the satellite, which receives the signal and rebroadcasts it to other places on the earth.
    • A closer look reveals unusual devices on its roof - satellite antennas to receive signals from space.
    • Kagan had already been there, and the screen showed the list of navigation buoys whose signals they were receiving and their approximate distances.
    • Listeners will continue to receive a further 15 hours of programming in Arabic on both frequencies.
    • In a few years, PDAs will probably be able to function as televisions by receiving terrestrial digital signals, says Hinze.
    • Current and future Sky subscribers will continue to receive all BBC services.
    • Listeners will continue to receive BBC World Service programmes in English from 21.00 to 05.00.
    • These systems work by comparing time signals received from different satellites.
    • Listeners will also be able to receive the BBC local service, Radio Devon, which is already available on DAB.
    • Scares about mobile phones have centred on two areas - the handsets and the base stations, whose antennae receive and broadcast signals.
    • Some handsets are available that can receive free analog terrestrial broadcasts but these pictures tend to break up when transmitted to a moving device.
    • Current and future Sky subscribers will still be able to receive all the BBC's services.
    • Many African countries still do not have universal radio or TV services capable of being received in all parts by all people.
    • Receivers in aircraft or helicopters will typically be able to receive the signals at distances up to about five miles.
    • Listeners will need a DAB digital radio to receive the BBC's digital radio broadcasts.
    • As transmitters are switched on and new areas receive BBC digital radio broadcasts the postcode checker on the website will also be updated.
    • There are four ways to receive a digital television broadcast.
    • 1.1

      (award/visit/letter) recibir
      (sacrament/absolution) recibir
      (payment) recibir
      (payment) cobrar
      (payment) percibir formal
      (stolen goods) comerciar con
      (stolen goods) reducir South America
      (ball/serve) recibir
      received with thanks the sum of £30 recibí (conforme) la suma de 30 libras
      • she receives £9,000 annually cobra 9.000 libras anuales
      • he received multiple injuries sufrió lesiones múltiples
      • she received a blow to the head recibió un golpe en la cabeza
      • to receive treatment ser tratado
      • he received an honorary doctorate le confirieron un doctorado honoris causa
      • we finally received word of their safe arrival finalmente recibimos noticias de que habían llegado bien
      • to receive sentence ser sentenciado
      • she received the death penalty le aplicaron la pena de muerte
      • a container is placed underneath to receive the fluid debajo se coloca un recipiente para recoger el líquido
      • Do you think that employers should be allowed to read the e-mails of their employees sent from or received by the computers of the company?
      • The appellant never received an acknowledgement of his application.
      • A letter confirming the ballot paper would be sent out was also received yesterday.
      • The office is giving increased scrutiny to international tax arrangements, reflecting the rising number of individuals and businesses receiving overseas income.
      • Big business has received huge tax cuts over the last ten years.
      • After a burst of thunderous applause, the children received a lot of presents.
      • Within a year of his return he was sentenced to hard labour at Newcastle for receiving stolen property.
      • The volume of the communications that we send and receive has multiplied tremendously.
      • We always receive thank-you cards and presents from guests who have stayed with us and that gives me such a buzz.
      • It means that museums can receive stolen goods, something which is illegal for everyone else.
      • He was charged with receiving stolen goods (a Mercedes four wheel drive) on August 3, 2003.
      • Clark was charged with robbery of a motor vehicle, theft by unlawful taking or disposition, and receiving stolen property, all felonies.
      • You get a confirmation of the sent fax emailed back to you and naturally, any faxes sent to you are received via your e-mail.
      • He was a prizewinner in 1988 at the Leipzig International Bach Competition in Spain, also receiving the special virtuoso prize for the most outstanding performance of the event.
      • So why should openly pro-choice politicians get to receive Jesus in the sacrament of Holy Communion?
      • Completed ballot papers must be received by the Council by 10 pm on Thursday, June 10.
      • Measures will also be taken to catch people who receive stolen goods - particularly those who use second-hand outlets and car boot sales.
      • Members of the Royal Family receive hundreds of presents, often from people they have never met.
      • A 53-year-old man and a 38-year-old woman were last night charged with receiving stolen property in connection with the robbery.
      • It is my honorary responsibility to receive donations, subscriptions and offerings sent to the group.
      • You might have noticed it when sending and receiving Christmas cards last month.
      • Ten percent said ‘you are receiving bread and wine, in which Jesus is really and truly present.’
      • These are my ideas so far, but any further contributions will be gratefully received.
      • The 42 others were charged with robbery, theft, receiving and concealing stolen goods and wrongful damage to property.
      • A former Chiswick man charged with receiving stolen goods from a house in Chiswick and breaking bail conditions appeared at Feltham court last week.
      • The news has been gratefully received by Mr Harris, who called him on Saturday night to check on his old buddy.
      • In also receiving the ball, a tennis player, in order to return the ball effectively, must ascertain the type of spin which has been imparted to the ball so as to be able to compensate in the return stroke for the spin or rotation of the ball in flight during trajectory.
      • Five men, aged between 18 and 22, face multiple charges including burglary, theft, and receiving stolen goods.
      • It also was common for the women to offload received stolen goods upon their relatives.
      • Residents and businesses have been receiving important letters - containing vital documents such as cheques, contracts and airline tickets - days late or not at all.
      • Boys and girls also receive different numbers of presents, although the amount of money spent on their gifts is the same.
      • He had ignited a controversy over the Eucharist, claiming the right for the laity to receive both the bread and the wine at Mass.
      • The historic buildings which will receive grants in the present allocation are from right across the country.
      • Entry forms for the forthcoming Community Games should have been received by now.
      • I pointed out that most people had received their TVs as presents.
      • Both employees received an all-expenses paid holiday to Barbados as a reward for their efforts.
      • If we buy the land we are receiving stolen goods.
      • Anyone who earns money or receives income should pay taxes and the truth is, everyone does pay taxes.
      • German convicts work at real jobs while incarcerated - and even receive four weeks of paid vacation each year!
      • Teenagers in Blackburn and Darwen will receive an extra birthday present this year as part of a mayor's plan to encourage young people to vote.
      • This allows phones to send and receive much longer messages, which will remove the need for the shorthand familiar to every teenage texter.
      • The 35-year-old was charged with receiving stolen goods but failed to appear in court.
      • Each person will also receive a present courtesy of the organisers.
      • More than 450 submissions had been received by inquiry commissioner Kevin Sproats.
      • But we must recall that in approaching the altar we receive our Lord, body and blood, soul and divinity.
      • Most e-mail users send and/or receive one to five messages a day, and they check their mails at least once a day.
      • Royal Mail have assured me that papers received today will be delivered tomorrow.
      • Gibson is charged with receiving stolen property, resisting arrest, firearms violations and drug charges.
      • I never kept a diary when I was growing up but I did receive them as Christmas presents and loved the idea of documenting my daily and dull doings.
      • Sir - I was saddened to read the story in last week's Western People about people who abandon pets after receiving them as Christmas presents.
      • Scotland was top in 12 out of a total of 13 areas including the number of businesses making and receiving payments online and the quality of ICT advice available.
      • He has received stolen goods and keeps a secret store of them in his den.
      • The award winner receives a medallion presented in an attractive protective pouch and a certificate.
      • It also states that as the two churches share the same beliefs about the presence of Christ in communion, Anglicans should not be excluded from receiving the Roman Eucharist.
      • The player served to is the only player allowed to receive the serve.
      • Ballot papers need to be received by returning officers no later than 10 pm on Thursday June 10.
      • Eid is a favourite among Muslim children, as they receive lots of presents!
      • I send and receive most of my parish communications by e-mail.
      • Any contributions from you will be gratefully received and replied to.
      • So frustrated have the members become that they have now decided to offer the map for sale, and already one inquiry has been received.
      • Any information you might have would be gratefully received.
      • He was twice sentenced to jail - once for disorderly conduct and once for receiving stolen property - but each time the sentence was suspended.
      • He also admitted receiving stolen goods, having no licence and having no insurance.
      • At present, farmers receive nine pence from every 36p pint of milk sold.
      • Detective Chief Inspector Paul Fountain, of West Yorkshire Police, said it was important to realise receiving stolen goods perpetuated the criminal market.
      • Their opponent stands diagonally opposite, ready to receive the ball.
      • Police Captain Blackie Swart confirmed that a scrapyard employee was to appear in court today for receiving stolen property.
      • He pleaded guilty to receiving stolen goods, the £89 trainers.
      • Winners will receive garden vouchers as prizes, which will be presented at the Horticultural Show on July 16.
      • In addition, she received an apology for any injustice occasioned to her.
      • But hang on, there is no doubt that he must have either stolen or received them.
      • Her claim is that she received an unequivocal assurance that the property was structurally sound.
      • Unlike other racquet sports like squash or racquetball, in tennis, a point can be made by the server or by the player receiving the serve.

    • 1.2(react to)

      (news/idea/proposal) recibir
      (idea/news/proposal) acoger
      the play was well received by the critics la obra tuvo una buena acogida por parte de la crítica
      • Although Ohm's work strongly influenced theory, it was received with little enthusiasm.
      • Mr Topp came up with the idea but had no idea how it would be received.
      • Violin solos by Mr Jenkins and solos by other instrumentalists were enthusiastically received.
      • News of his passing was received with sadness by family members and old neighbours.
      • The news of her death was received with deep and widespread regret throughout the parish.
      • So far the project, now entering its second year, has been received with enthusiasm.
      • Even the Duchy quarterly The Cornish Banner received the book enthusiastically.
      • The producers apparently had little idea of how the movie would be received.
      • It encompasses not only ideas that are favourably received but also those that offend shock or disturb.
      • The introduction of the new bylaws has been received with different reactions.
      • News of her death was received with much regret in the town.
      • Not only was the idea well received, Clinton found that it was his biggest applause line on the stump.
      • While you may believe your ideas have been well received, it may only appear that way.
      • It's a great idea and hopefully will be received well by all ages, especially the youngsters.
      • News of her passing was received with regret by her friends in the area.
      • Enthusiastically receiving the rules and given free rein to be as chauvinistic as they like, the five men meet in the pub to think up some new rules of their own.

    • 1.3

      (opinion) generalmente aceptado
      he questioned the received wisdom that money doesn't lead to happiness cuestionó la creencia popular de que el dinero no hace la felicidad
      • Received Pronunciation pronunciación estándar

  • 2formal

    (welcome, admit)
    to be received into the Church ser admitido en el seno de la Iglesia
    • he was received into the Franciscan order entró en la orden de los Franciscanos
  • 3

    Television Radio
    (signal) recibir
    (signal) captar
    are you receiving me? ¿me recibes?

intransitive verb

  • 1

    to be on the receiving end of sth ser el blanco / la víctima de algo
    • it is better / more blessed to give than to receive más vale dar que recibir
  • 2

    (in tennis)
  • 3British

    comerciar con mercancía robada
  • 4dated, formal

    (play host)
    she doesn't receive on Sundays no recibe los domingos