Translation of receiver in Spanish:


auricular, n.

Pronunciation /rɪˈsiːvə//rəˈsivər/


  • 1

    auricular masculine
    tubo masculine River Plate
    fono masculine Chile
    to lift / pick up the receiver levantar el auricular (or el tubo etc.)
    • to replace / put down the receiver colgar el auricular (or el tubo etc.)
    • She stopped, listened to it ring again, and picked up the receiver.
    • In an emergency, all they need to do is pick up the receiver and hold it for 20 seconds.
    • A speech signal is encoded using code excited linear prediction for use in transmitting the speech signal to a receiver.
    • Startled, he paused for a moment before picking up the receiver.
    • The telephone receiver fell out of her hand and crashed to the ground.
    • Sarah stood in the front hall with the telephone receiver still in her hand.
    • Naturally curious, I picked up the receiver and listened in.
    • As soon as Juan put the receiver down, the telephone rang again.
    • Rebecca sank down onto the ottoman, clutching the telephone receiver.
    • I smiled and cheered inwardly as I set down the telephone receiver.
    • There was a pause followed by the resounding noise of a telephone receiver being slammed back onto its cradle.
    • With a sigh, he swivelled in his chair, balancing the telephone receiver on his right shoulder.
    • There was no voice on the other end, just the sound of a receiver being put gently down on a table.
    • He must have been alone because he picked up the receiver at the first ring.
    • It rang three times, then someone picked up the receiver.
    • Moments later, he heard the sound of the receiver being replaced.
    • Generally, it is of no value for the transmitter to outdistance the receiver.
    • I take a deep breath, pick up the receiver and punch his number in.
    • Working independently, Gray and Bell both developed systems based on electromagnetic receivers with steel diaphragms.
    • As quietly as she could she picked up the receiver and listened.
    • She picked up the receiver and handed it over to me.
    • She picked up the receiver and pressed a blue button.
    • Stanley Morgan was sitting behind his desk with a telephone receiver to his ear when Emily walked through the open door.
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    Television Radio
    receptor masculine
    before noun receiver dish antena parabólica feminine
    • Satellite receivers now bring hundreds of international television channels into Iraqi living rooms.
    • Because digital radio receivers are essentially small computers, they have the capacity to store information.
    • This in turn is connected to a satellite radio receiver.
    • A handheld receiver detects radio emissions from these satellites.
    • The multi-band radio receivers enable the elderly, sick and bedridden to listen to mass broadcasts live from the church and to hear parish news updates.
    • With just a couple of electronic components that cost at most a dollar or two, you can build simple radio transmitters and receivers.
    • What is meant by synchronizing the satellite signal with the receiver?
    • Accordingly, a radio telescope consists of a concave metal reflector that focuses the radio waves on a receiver.
    • Digital radio receivers aren't yet portable, but they will be in a couple of years.
    • An important condition is obviously the presence of radio, or even television, receivers in the villages.
    • For instance, the radio receiver must handle many weak signals simultaneously, then amplify and filter them before further signal processing occurs.
    • Everything was going okay when they heard a voice over their radio receivers asking for directions to a parking bay.
    • People taking part will be issued with radio receivers to help track down the birds.
    • The answer to this problem is a radio receiver that activates itself and raises a noisy alarm when a storm warning is issued.
    • To date the technique has largely been applied in cellphone base-stations and digital satellite TV receivers.
    • Hamilton also had one of the first radio receivers in South Taranaki, with a high aerial that rose near the house.
    • The firm said if a number of people living in the same road wanted the service they could pitch in together and pay to receive it from the radio receiver on a company's building.
    • Car dealers also offer satellite radio receivers as a factory-installed option.
    • The modified signals are then retransmitted via geostationary satellites to users' receivers.
    • This would see data being broadcast over the airwaves into radio receivers which, if they've been fitted with special screens, could transmit video images.
    • The scientists used pairs of antennas similar to those used in ordinary FM radio receivers.
  • 3also official receiver

    Business Law
    síndico (de quiebras) masculine
    to call in the receivers solicitar la cesación de pagos Southern Cone
    • The plaintiffs seek to appeal against the order appointing the receiver and manager.
    • It had been reported that he was claiming up to €100 million for losses incurred after the appointment of the receiver.
    • Can the receiver of a benefit in all conscience hang on to it without paying?
    • Sometimes anonymous cards are sent and the receiver has to guess who the sender might be.
    • But the case has not ended with the appointment of a receiver.
    • When a company goes into receivership, a receiver is appointed to try to keep the company running.
    • But for the receiver to enjoy the gift without feeling guilty they must also give.
    • Luckily, with most of my gift suggestions, both giver and receiver can share the pleasure.
    • Each message contains a sequence number, and each time it is sent, it is followed by an acknowledgment from the receiver.
    • Good gifts reflect something about the giver and the receiver.
    • Interest has also been expressed in the business and the receivers are hopeful of concluding a sale in due course.
    • This will make you look smarter, and the gift receiver will think that you think that they're pretty smart.
    • And if the gift assumes an economic dimension, it is because the gift indebts the receiver.
    • It is likely they would agree that the appointment of a receiver might be the drastic, but necessary, step that is needed.
    • They simply acted as if they were validly appointed receivers dismissing employees, terminating contracts, disposing of assets and settling claims.
    • A receiver appointed by the court must act fairly and honestly as a fiduciary on behalf of all parties with an interest in the debtor's property and undertaking.
    • Just two years later, however, the company was forced to appoint a receiver leaving more than 300 employees out of work.
    • A bankrupt used a £5,000 gift from his dad to pay off drug dealers without telling the official receiver, a court was told.
    • They then send the locked briefcase to the receiver.
    • At the start of this year receivers were appointed to manage the brand in Glasgow, Dundee, Aberdeen, and Stirling.
    • A spokesman for the receivers said that the business was still up for sale and that several interested parties had come forward.
    • Three weeks later the company's shares were suspended and a receiver was appointed.
    • He argued that by law, the assets of a bankrupt company were subject to the court receiver's supervision.
    • The court receiver was directed to hand over the items to society members in the presence of both prosecution and defence lawyers.
    • Finally, if a receiver was appointed or the company went into liquidation, certain payments to you would be guaranteed out of a state Redundancy Fund.
    • Each time a document is sent, the receiver can check with the security firm to verify the sender's identity.
    • In 1996 he bought the company from the receivers after it experienced financial difficulties.
    • Last February, it suspended its share dealing on the Dublin stock exchange and a receiver was appointed to deal with its large debts.
    • A receiver can be appointed to a firm by a creditor, usually a bank, whose debt has been secured by a charge on some or all of the company's assets.
    • The object of covering a gift in paper is to obscure it from the receiver's view long enough for them to give you yours, right?
    • This point is well taken, as the appointment of a receiver does not necessarily mean that the company's business operations are to be suspended.
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    (in US football)
    receptor masculine
    receptora feminine
    • Both teams have strong-armed quarterbacks and dangerous receivers.
    • An ace is when the receiver does not get his racket on the serve; if a receiver mis-hits a serve it is called a service winner.
    • He was always the player who saved the game in the end, whether by a miraculous touchdown or a flawless pass to the receiver in the end zone.
    • While he makes some sensational grabs, he also drops more passes than an elite receiver should.
    • He struggled in goal-line situations last season and is not a great receiver or pass blocker.
    • He has an outside chance of sticking with the Eagles as a fifth receiver and special-teams player.
    • An example is a tennis player: When the server starts to serve, the receiver is already in motion.
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    (of stolen goods)
    comerciante de mercancía robada feminine
    reducidor masculine South America
    reducidora feminine South America
    • This is an extremely wide provision designed to criminalize those who help a thief or a receiver.
    • While car criminals infuriate Fry he is as angry with receivers of stolen goods.
    • It will target all criminals, from burglars and street robbers to drug dealers, car criminals and receivers of stolen goods.