Translation of receptive in Spanish:


receptivo, adj.

Pronunciation /rɪˈsɛptɪv//rəˈsɛptɪv/


  • 1

    to be in a receptive frame of mind estar dispuesto a escuchar
    • to be receptive to sth estar abierto a algo
    • You have to show yourselves as people with open minds, receptive to the ideas of independent voices in the boardroom.
    • Our President, it is said, simply wasn't receptive to this idea.
    • His ideas found a receptive audience in literate circles from Lisbon to Moscow, and they supply a convenient starting place for an examination of European political systems.
    • But were foresters, or for that matter loggers, receptive to this idea?
    • You are receptive to new ideas and intuitive in relationships.
    • They were both extremely interested and receptive to my ideas.
    • People are open and receptive to timely suggestions on what to drink.
    • They must be open and receptive to the ideas of others.
    • To his credit, he has had an excellent rapport with the selectors, who find him quite receptive to ideas and suggestions from various quarters.
    • He attempts to settle his mother into the nursing home, but finds that her old friends aren't quite so receptive to the idea.
    • Their motivation for the series is to expand its audience among the theater-going public, which is not always receptive to new ideas.
    • She says people are very receptive to this idea.
    • If other group members appraise him as a creative type, they are likely to be a receptive audience for his ideas, and he should fit into the group harmoniously.
    • Even those who were most receptive to foreign ideas adapted them in line with traditional Russian concerns, interests and attitudes.
    • Unfortunately not many of them were receptive to the idea.
    • So far the government has proved receptive to the idea.
    • We have sought to respond to their concerns and have been receptive to new ideas and theories put forward by them.
    • Sometimes, even if you think you're being totally reasonable, your mom may not be receptive to your suggestions.
    • I think it helps them become better musicians because they are more receptive to different musical ideas.
    • Some ministers are known to be receptive to the idea of tolls, provided they are only applied to new roads.