Translation of receptor in Spanish:


receptor, n.

Pronunciation /rɪˈsɛptə//riˈsɛptər/



  • 1

    receptor masculine
    (organ/cell) (before noun) receptor
    • But sharks also detect their prey with sensory receptors that run along their sides.
    • However, they have some ability to sense light through receptors in the epidermis.
    • Our own skin contains a battery of touch receptors that produce nerve signals when pressed.
    • All are viewed dispassionately, the heart as a pump, the brain as a network of neural tissues, the eye as a receptor of visual stimuli.
    • In the sea, the krill schools use their highly developed sensory receptors to find food.
    • In the special sense organs, such as the eye and the ear, highly specialized receptors respond to light and sound.