Translation of recess in Spanish:


receso, n.

Pronunciation /rəˈsɛs//ˈriːsɛs//rɪˈsɛs//ˈriˌsɛs/


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    • 1.1

      (of legislative body) receso masculine Latin America
      (of legislative body) suspensión de actividades feminine Spain
      (of committee etc) intermedio masculine
      (of committee etc) cuarto intermedio masculine River Plate
      the Senate is in recess until fall el Senado ha suspendido sus actividades hasta el otoño Spain
      • the court is in recess until tomorrow el tribunal ha levantado la sesión hasta mañana
      • Parliament is currently in recess, but resumes next Tuesday.
      • While the court was in recess Jon walked over to our family.
      • It starts in August when Parliament, like football, is in recess, the law courts go to sleep and a lot of us are on holiday.
      • Then this court is in recess until 11:00 tomorrow when we'll hear closing arguments.
      • Court is in recess until further evidence comes to light.
      • The industrial action is scheduled to be held a day before the House of Commons and the House of Lords break for the summer recess.
      • He has so far rejected demands for a recall of parliament, currently in recess.
      • When they emerged in open court, Judge Dellucci announced court was in recess.
      • His lawyer, John D. Mills, asked the court for a brief recess.
      • As Parliament is currently in recess, now is a good time to contact me should you have any federal issues you may wish to discuss.
      • That difference led to the latest round of talks breaking for a recess.
      • After all, Congress has been in recess for over a month.
      • The Court took a short recess before hearing the submissions on the Charter motion.
      • Parliament resumed on February 12 after a recess of four months and the re-election of the Liberal-National Coalition to a third term in office.
      • The courts are now in recess for the holidays and the Supreme Court will not be sitting again until October.
      • The Senate completed work on three bills before the recess.
      • The 20-minute meeting took place shortly after the six-party talks decided to break for a recess.
      • That process, used when the Senate is in recess, puts a judicial nominee temporarily on the bench without being confirmed.
      • Even before Parliament went into recess on July 21, an unparalleled degree of cross-party unity had been established.
      • I wish to conclude by also paying my respects to the memory of the two other former senior members of Parliament who passed away while the House was in recess.

    • 1.2US School

      recreo masculine
      • Additionally, during physical education classes and recess, children actually spend very little time engaged in physical activity.
      • In fact, I was pretty sure that the latest romances were the major topics of the staffroom at recesses and lunchtime breaks.
      • He tells her to hold out her hand, and he hits it several times, then makes her stand in front of the class until recess.
      • At that same moment the class bell rang and recess was over.
      • In the 5th grade, we will have peer mediators promoting conflict resolution, primarily on the playground, during lunchtime recesses.
      • The bell went, ending recess and starting class.
      • Current studies challenge the idea that limiting recess will benefit children's academic performance, however.
      • At recess one day her teacher taught the class how to play hopscotch on the cement basketball court outside.
      • Clearly, breaks are helpful, both for attention and for classroom management, whether or not the breaks are in the form of recess.
      • Students, faculty and staff should be encouraged or required to wear hats when outdoors during physical education classes, recess and field trips.
      • School-aged children are told that they have to refrain from gym class and recess for three weeks postoperatively.
      • They gave up several recesses over the next few weeks to glue, color and do whatever was necessary to complete the mural.
      • During recess, children are learning the things that they need to know now and in the future.
      • Some people were dancing near the DJ on the stage but it looked more like the playground as recess in elementary school than a high school dance.
      • Ask any elementary-school teacher what would happen if he were to let his entire fifth-grade class out for recess unattended.
      • Fights broke out daily - not just during recess or bathroom breaks but also in the middle of lessons.
      • School classes break for outdoor recess every forty-five minutes.
      • I also used the opportunity to see if I might ask the kids what they liked and disliked about recess; I needed their insights to flesh out my reflections.
      • Classes were also observed during recess, in the cafeteria, and in the library.
      • At the same time, I was becoming increasingly concerned about the growing number of schools doing away with recess in the search for higher test scores.

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    • 2.1(alcove)

      hueco masculine
      entrada feminine
      • Soft breathing came from the recesses in the walls, where the mattresses were.
      • Alcoves - small recesses opening off a room or hallway - add character and extra functionality to a home.
      • He hit one last button and a beam of light appeared in a small recess on the wall.
      • This recess in a dining room wall - furnished with a comfy cushion and colorful throw pillows - serves as a cozy spot to sit and read.
      • At the far left side of the main wall is a blackened recess.
      • They provide a luminescent quality to the interior, reflecting light into the recesses of the room.
      • The library has shelves built into the inner recesses of the walls to house the king's collection of books.
      • Across from this there is a recess in a wall and the entire face of it is covered with scribbles, painted and sprayed on.
      • Or it could be the illusion of a recess in the wall, like the traditional statue in an alcove.
      • He walked to a corner, and grabbed a metal pipe that was leaning in a recess in the wall.
      • In the dark recesses of the stone walls, they found old toys and junk collected by the old woman while she lived here, but they also found older furniture and antiques that had obviously been here for some time.
      • The bed mechanisms can also be built into recesses framed into a wall.
      • With its metal projections and angles, wooden recesses and thin walls it has a serendipitous quality.
      • The sheltered space with its stone wall and paving offers small recesses with seats, and some carved stone tablets from the old building have been re-used, preserving its memory.
      • In each of the four walls there is a recess, although only that to the west survives in anything like its original state.
      • Grabbing me by the arm he pushed me into a recess in the wall and then pressed himself against me flattening us into the wall.
      • In addition, lifesize models of raggedly clothed families huddle enclosed behind glass in darkened recesses in the walls.
      • Four computers and chairs, with the keyboards sliding out on a shelf, are housed in a recess along a wall which once held an aquarium of tropical fish.
      • Santiago quickly turned my attention to a recess in the wall to the right side of the doors.
      • The door was set in a deep recess within an inner wall of the keep, at about the level of the street outside.

    • 2.2(secluded place)

      lugar escondido masculine
      lugar oculto masculine
      the recesses of the mind los recovecos de la mente
      • in the inmost recesses of the soul/memory en los lugares más recónditos del alma/de la memoria
      • Words began flowing out of him, as if from the recesses of his heart.
      • Many things have changed since then; sadly, the cultural shift has not penetrated into the darkest recesses of some areas of employment.
      • There are all kinds of heroes, working silently in remote recesses of our country.
      • Maybe in that deep, dark recess of my soul, I just want to be able to dream again.
      • Setting down his empty plate Willard catalogued these new developments in the recesses of his brain.
      • From deep within the recesses of his brain, Joel attempts to escape the procedure.
      • Capitalism is all about maximization of profits and if that requires appealing to the lowest instincts and the darkest recesses of human nature, so be it.
      • Some actors are born to play the hero and others exist to illuminate the darker recesses of the human soul.
      • As I sat in bed and futilely attempted to sleep, I noticed a deep rumbling sound emanating from the hollow recesses of my cavernous stomach.
      • He sighed as he slipped back into the recesses of his memory.
      • She advises her clients to revisit their histories and face experiences and feelings that they have blocked in the recesses of their minds.
      • They fled to pray at the various altars or hide in the dark passages and recesses of the crypt or seek refuge up the stairs in the arched chambers of the roof.
      • What we know in the secret recesses of our hearts is that the story of scarcity is a tale of death.
      • He was on the verge of voicing the rest of the questions he had stored in the recesses of his mind when the sudden approach of footsteps drew both their attentions to the doorway opposite the one to the garden.
      • Peer into the dark recesses of America's heart and this, apparently, is what you'll find.
      • It saves us from peering into the darkest recesses of our own hearts.
      • Enter former FBI profiler Frank Black, a man delving headfirst into the dark recesses of the human soul, shining light on the horrors that men and women do.
      • Then one night, 14 months after I moved to Jerusalem, I had a dream where, in the recesses of my subconscious mind, I put to rest this last remaining issue.
      • By 1900, artists attempted to penetrate the deep recesses of the unconscious mind.
      • Deep down, in the recesses of his folk memory, Angus knew all of that.