Translation of recipient in Spanish:


destinatario, n.

Pronunciation /rəˈsɪpiənt//rɪˈsɪpɪənt/



  • 1

    (of letter) destinatario masculine
    (of letter) destinataria feminine
    Medicine (of an organ) receptor masculine
    Medicine (of an organ) receptora feminine
    (organization/body) (before noun) beneficiado
    he was the recipient of much criticism fue objeto de muchas críticas
    • she was the recipient of an honorary doctorate le confirieron un doctorado honoris causa
    • Hopefully all recipients gave their explicit consent to receive such messages.
    • Much of the money to pay benefits to future recipients will have to come from somewhere else.
    • He denies social welfare recipients will be forced to sell homes to repay debts.
    • The awards have been given out each year and the recipients are chosen by an independent panel.
    • Pensioners and other welfare recipients in the cities did not get the chance to air their views.
    • It is also an expression of gratitude by organ recipients to donors and their families.
    • The letter, which came from an address in London, tells recipients to quote box numbers when replying.
    • We used to discuss its past recipients and the possible winners in years to come.
    • Could you possibly forward me the names and addresses of the recipients?
    • For these recipients, socks are a welcome present, as are a hat or gloves.
    • Some of the world's leading businesses and corporations have been previous recipients of the awards.
    • With no will to search for work many of these recipients remain at home and reap the benefits of their weekly cheques.
    • The awards were presented to the recipients at a function in the Chamber last Wednesday.
    • Two awards for outstanding achievement were a surprise to the recipients.
    • They are the recipients of Smart awards from the Department of Trade and Industry.
    • The award remains a unique one and the recipients this week were proud to have been selected.
    • Most people would rather be active independent citizens than recipients of benefits.
    • I have checked the internet and similar letters have been sent to recipients worldwide.
    • None of the recipients to whom I spoke knew of the Society before their awards.
    • He is one of the youngest recipients of the George Cross in military history.
    • Mr Logue said his family was both overwhelmed and proud to be the recipients of the award.
    • Israel has long been the largest recipient of American aid, receiving $3 billion last year.