Translation of reciprocate in Spanish:


corresponder a, v.

Pronunciation /rɪˈsɪprəkeɪt//rəˈsɪprəˌkeɪt/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (kindness/compliment) corresponder a
    (kindness/compliment) reciprocar Latin America
    his love wasn't reciprocated su amor no era correspondido
    • to reciprocate an invitation corresponder a / devolver una invitación
    • The real issue is, why are you so heavily interested in someone who isn't reciprocating interest in an active way and repeatedly delivers fresh blows of rejection?
    • But when his love was not reciprocated he turned from admirer to stalker, Harrogate magistrates were told.
    • Those gestures were reciprocated and negotiations ensued.
    • Lopez is clearly a gifted teacher who has earned and reciprocated the love of his students.
    • The old man bowed, a gesture which was reciprocated by both newcomers.
    • We see him through Tatiana's eyes, reciprocating her love.
    • It was all his fault; Will had picked up on his feelings and assumed he was expected to reciprocate them.
    • In terms of character, although Robert takes the lead in seducing Francesca, his longing is reciprocated throughout.
    • He also discusses the well-known phenomenon of using one's friends to find out if one's interest is reciprocated by the object of one's affection.
    • Marcus reciprocated the farewell gesture by slightly nodding his head and slowly blinking his large, intelligent eyes.
    • Tom loves Iola, but does not expect his feelings to be reciprocated because he recognizes that he is not of her class or world.
    • This was a phenomenal break for the band and they reciprocated the gesture with an astounding and memorable performance.
    • In turn, you keep a closed loop by reciprocating the favor to the other website by extending the same courtesy of a back link.
    • The occupants in the front row - musicians and important invitees - appeared to be a privileged lot, reciprocating the greetings of visitors who passed by.
    • I look forward to seeing the president reciprocating the gesture.
    • Eduardo loves his son and that love is very clearly reciprocated.
    • They make us believe that they reciprocate our loyalty and friendship.
    • The daughter, who has inherited her mother's sensibilities as well as her appearance, reciprocates Pierre's love for her.
    • Her affection was reciprocated without hesitation.
    • In March 1999, Russia unilaterally cut customs duties on some Bulgarian imports and has been expecting Bulgaria to reciprocate.
    • They also described reciprocated friendships more positively than unreciprocated ones.
    • Yes, I do contact the other mother by phone just to say ‘hello,’ but she never reciprocates the gesture.
    • Trent reciprocated her embrace, lacing his arms around her waist and lifting her up against him.
    • They expected the generosity to be reciprocated.
    • When ministers start judging the public by what they do with their spare time, the interest is often reciprocated.
    • He flatters, massages their egos, tells them that they are statesmen, hints at his own ability to further their careers, provided the gesture is reciprocated.
    • The feeling was not reciprocated and Nicole felt like crying when she realized it.
    • Because she then realized that her husband was madly in love with another woman, and that his love was reciprocated.
    • This first grandchild was to be her enduring favourite, and the devotion was reciprocated.
    • When the love isn't reciprocated, the man has a breakdown of sorts and sells pictures of her smoking heroin to a newspaper, and there's a bit of a fight that we don't see.
    • Filipinos avoid people who do not reciprocate a favour.
    • I had one relationship with a girl who truly loved me, but I was unable to reciprocate her love.
    • If romantic interest is reciprocated, young men and young women will visit surreptitiously at night under the cover of darkness.
    • What I did was to reciprocate the gesture he made to me.
    • It was a pointed gesture from the Africans, and the question now is; are we able to reciprocate their welcoming gestures and acknowledge their willingness to work with us?
    • Will those who claim to represent the Hindu populace reciprocate the gesture?
    • Learn to respect and reciprocate small gestures of concern, kindness, compassion and humanity.
    • She reciprocated his embrace, crying silently.
    • I do not thrive on reviews but I do appreciate them and quite often reciprocate the favor.
    • He reciprocated the embrace, rocking her gently as he pressed kisses into her hair.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    reciprocar Latin America
  • 2reciprocating present participle

    (engine) alternativo
    • This removable component not only provides full-length rails on which the slide reciprocates, but also contains the trigger mechanism, safety and sear.
    • The pruning machines were simply reciprocating cutters or flails mounted on a tractor.
    • Unlike a piston engine, where reciprocating parts move up and down, the twin rotors in the Mazda just spin around.
    • A steam locomotive, for example, is a machine that converts the reciprocating motion of a piston into the rotation of its driving wheels.
    • Lighter reciprocating and rotating parts were used and counterbalancing improved.