Translation of recital in Spanish:


recital, n.

Pronunciation /rəˈsaɪdl//rɪˈsʌɪt(ə)l/


  • 1

    recital masculine
    a poetry/guitar recital un recital de poesía/guitarra
  • 2

    (rendition of poem)
    recitado masculine
    recitación feminine
    • They gave a video show outlining the history of the company, and the school's music teacher performed a recital.
    • It is also considered disruptive to clap individual songs or short instrumental pieces rather than at the end of each group at lieder recitals or early music concerts.
    • Dichter has performed in solo recitals and has appeared with virtually all of the world's major orchestras.
    • They frequently perform duo piano recitals throughout North America.
    • The first concert for the year, on March 26, features virtuoso pianist Harold Brown, who has travelled the world performing solo recitals and playing with symphony orchestras.
    • Next Friday it performs a recital of sacred choral music at Christ Church Cathedral, Waterford.
    • In the first half of the recital he performed music by Buxtehude, Bach and John Ireland.
    • Since then, she has performed regularly in solo recitals and with orchestras.
    • She has given noteworthy piano recitals as soloist and accompanist at Perth, Brunei, Singapore, Malaysia, New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, and Bangalore.
    • The unusually gifted child could play the piano at the age of three and at seven played a two-hour solo recital of music by Mozart, Bach, Beethoven and a number of his own compositions.
    • A fine pianist and singularly persuasive interpreter of his own music, Head was famous for his one-man recitals of his vocal music.
    • At the festival he will perform a solo recital and play the Elgar concerto with the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra.
    • I dislike piano recitals, and prefer orchestral and choral music.
    • This recital will feature the music of Aaron Copland, Charles Ives, George Gershwin, Paul Schoenfield, Yehudi Wyner and Arlene Zallman.
    • The music festival will offer numerous organ, harpsichord and piano recitals by emerging artists as well as internationally renowned soloists.
    • Six student recitals featuring Mier's music were held, two on Friday night, and four throughout the day on Saturday.
    • She also studied composition, theory and harmony with Hugo Kauder, whose music she later performed in her recitals.
    • Now that the girls do not have exams to work towards, they are going to focus on building up pieces of music for their repertoire to perform at recitals.
    • He performed a solo recital at Benaroya Recital Hall and has appeared with several orchestras.
    • This is the person who will buy tickets to attend symphony concerts, opera, ballet, chamber music recitals, choral concerts and musical theater.
  • 3

    enumeración feminine
    relación feminine
    • A story does not need to be a bland recital of events.
    • A recital of the story is not really possible with such a wide-ranging and epic film.
    • Brown seeks to show, with impressive erudition and illuminating analyses of many works of art, how imagination can be a vehicle of truth that is more profound than bare recitals of historical fact.
    • He listened through each and every recital of the details.
    • This work is not a recital of the principal events connected with Guru Nanak's life nor is it a compendium of his teachings.
    • Their questions are good and they aren't looking for a recital of the details of the platform.
    • Given what most people today think they know about Fascism, this bare recital of facts is a mystery story.
    • That many people have begun to find a recital of these dangers tiresome is perhaps an even greater threat.
    • Italian restaurants restricted their list to Italian wines; French restaurant wine lists were a recital of Bordeaux, Burgundy, and Champagne.
    • One is the children's memorial: a dark, empty space broken only by myriad points of light, like stars, and by a continuous recital of the names of children who perished.
    • A very brief recital of the relevant facts will suffice.
    • The film is much more than a dry recital of events.