Translation of reclaim in Spanish:


reclamar, v.

Pronunciation /rɪˈkleɪm//rəˈkleɪm/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (rights) reclamar
    (rights) reivindicar
    we intend to reclaim our freedom pretendemos reclamar / reivindicar nuestra libertad
    • I filled in a form to reclaim tax llené un formulario para que me devolvieran parte de los impuestos
    • to reclaim one's luggage (at left luggage) (pasar a) retirar el equipaje
    • items lost can be reclaimed at … para reclamar objetos perdidos dirigirse a …
    • What is more, in view of lengthy procedures and high costs, very few people will choose to litigate to reclaim lost property.
    • On Sunday, the Canadian men's Olympic hockey team finally reclaimed their gold medal.
    • It will take improvement of massive proportions if they are to reclaim the title they last won in 1993.
    • Forging a reputation as a research scientist is hard enough; reclaiming a lost reputation is even harder.
    • They must take the lead in civilising our streets and reclaiming them for local communities.
    • Partners often have their own successful careers that cannot be replicated abroad or positions that cannot be reclaimed on their return.
    • Already, we've heard reports that Kurds have begun driving Arabs out of villages around Kirkuk, reclaiming their old lands.
    • The delegation found the prince but he did not want to return and reclaim the throne.
    • Anything other than a home win is unthinkable if United are to stand a chance of reclaiming their title.
    • Then my husband goes and beats my high score and every competitive bone in my body ignites with a kind of ferocious need to reclaim my lost advantage.
    • In 1991, Noah captained France to the Davis Cup title, reclaiming the trophy after 59 years.
    • She said something about moving to Arcadia Springs to reclaim what was hers.
    • She reclaimed her title of countess and turned the decaying ancestral family seat into a house for homeless children at Wilsickow north of Berlin.
    • Her novels feature plots in which peasants reclaim Irish land.
    • I spoke up now, before Jason could do it, reclaiming some of my lost authority.
    • He has backed the invasions, saying the squatters are simply reclaiming land stolen by colonialists.
    • We were taught that our lives must be devoted to reclaiming our land.
    • For some galleries, reclaiming their lost business is impossible.
    • Many recollected their efforts to reclaim the lands in the 1980s.
    • Gomez insists reclaiming his title is only a stepping stone to bigger things.
  • 2

    built on reclaimed land construido en terreno ganado al mar
  • 3literary

    • He is still heavily involved in Mahi Tahi, a Trust working to reclaim Maori prisoners by linking them to their racial traditions.
    • Even in the most affectionate representations, he must be reformed and reclaimed by society and domesticity by play's end.
    • Armed with this knowledge, Christians can go out to reclaim the lost.
    • Candid about her own journey to reclaim God's woman within, she makes readers feel she walks with them as they journey toward inner peace and joy.



  • 1

    recogida de equipaje feminine