Translation of reclusive in Spanish:


dado a recluirse, adj.

Pronunciation /rɪˈkluːsɪv//rəˈklusɪv/


  • 1

    (person) dado a recluirse
    (person) que lleva una vida recluida
    (tendency) a recluirse
    • He now lives a quiet, reclusive life in rural Cheshire, with wife Christine, shunning the media spotlight.
    • The film will feature Sarah Polley, a Canadian actress, as a reclusive nurse who abandons her first holiday in many years to work on a rig.
    • He is also famously reclusive and chary of talking about his craft.
    • Paul Summerston, the Old Bailey heard, led a reclusive lifestyle, rarely socialising and had only a few close friends.
    • She had been in ill-health and led a reclusive lifestyle, so news of her death did not gain the headlines it might have.
    • Still, why would the normally reclusive local musical maverick suddenly seek mass approval?
    • In the years that followed, he became more violent and reclusive.
    • October sees the 100th anniversary of the death of the reclusive French artist.
    • Because he is reclusive and rarely gives interviews, his relationship with the club is intriguing.
    • The normally reclusive Bob Dylan has revealed his hatred of most modern music in a rash of interviews to promote his 43rd album.
    • So, having finally learnt that you can trust no-one, I guess I became reclusive.
    • If that is the case, it will thrust the reclusive billionaires into a limelight they have spent years avoiding.
    • Relatively reclusive writers and artists consent to documentaries because exposure will help them commercially.
    • He received criticism for his eccentric and reclusive lifestyle and for his attempts to use cosmetic surgery to change his skin colour.
    • Anonymity is not an option when you're a dwarf, even a reclusive one.
    • He appears to be somewhat inadequate and has lived a sheltered, reclusive life.
    • The reclusive Quaker became one of the most celebrated figures in chemistry when he presented his atomic theory in 1803.
    • And what about the rumours that Kubrick was reclusive, obsessive and difficult to work with?
    • The inquest heard that the brothers were shy, reclusive men, who repeatedly ignored doctors.
    • She gave interviews with her husband then, but in later years is only referred to as a reclusive television addict who refuses to go out or meet people.