Translation of recognize in Spanish:


reconocer, v.

Pronunciation /ˈrɛkəɡˌnaɪz//ˈrɛkəɡnʌɪz/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (face/voice/person) reconocer
    • Gibbs may hardly recognize the sport and the team he left more than a decade ago.
    • They both were dressed like fashion models and wore so much makeup you hardly recognized them.
    • They still visit regularly, providing the inspiration for Kerr's next book, but on a recent trip to the farm they worked so hard to sustain they were shocked to find they hardly recognised it.
    • She peered at her friend, hardly recognizing her face.
    • When Arian opened the door to let his dog into the room he hardly recognized the poor creature for the way its fur puffed out.
    • His voice was so soft, I could hardly recognize it.
    • Celeste hardly recognized the voice as her own.
    • Every time he comes back to our London flat he hardly recognises the place, because I've got bored and moved all the furniture and changed the place.
    • I went out in Winchester briefly last night, and hardly recognised a soul.
    • But what about those days when cold fingers or a hangover mean you hardly recognise your own signature?
    • He listened to himself say the first word that he'd spoken in weeks, and realised that he hardly recognised his own voice.
    • It's New Year's Day and I'm in a town I know well from many, many visits in the past but today I hardly recognise it.
    • I hardly recognized my little cousin when the two of them came back from Springfield.
    • She said she hardly recognized her place when she got back to it.
    • I stare out the window, hardly recognizing our own house as Sam pulls into the garage.
    • But I could no longer read, drive, recognise faces or distinguish colours.
    • You'll hardly recognise the new-look magazine next week, such is the transformation in store.
    • On my way back I hardly recognized the cities or even the small villages.
    • At first glance one would hardly recognize the place from the pictures the world saw on television in 1989.
    • If you travelled back in time two centuries on Christmas Day, you'd hardly recognise the festive season.
  • 2

    (acknowledge, accept)
    they were forced to recognize the gravity of the situation se vieron obligados a reconocer / a admitir la gravedad de la situación
    • the island was recognized as an independent state la isla fue reconocida como estado independiente
    • It demands a class identity that recognizes difference, but defines what we hold in common in society and who the enemy is.
    • More than ever before, lifestyle and behavior are being recognized as important factors in physical health and physical illness.
    • We need to turn this idea upside down, and recognize that all politics in our era is global.
    • The fact that as many, if not more, offenders spring from privileged backgrounds is hardly recognized.
    • When good things touch our life, we hardly recognise their presence.
    • We must recognise that the appearance of the city has an impact on visitor numbers.
    • The importance of Nature and knowledge of the world around us has not been recognised by our schools.
    • Child abuse was only formally recognised by doctors 40 years ago and has remained a field clouded by controversy ever since.
    • That meant recognizing that new knowledge comes with the passing of time.
    • The curriculum was geared to nonsense subjects while PE and sport were hardly recognised.
    • The lasting influence that pre-schooling can have over a child's development and future is an area that should be recognized and appreciated.
    • For their part, landlords resented the tendency of British governments and rational commentators to fail to recognize the difficulties they encountered.
    • The value of traditional knowledge and anecdotal information should be recognized by the co-management group.
    • Throughout the world, paternity leave has been recognized as an important means of reconciling the professional and familial lives of workers.
    • Polly is recognized by her peers for her extensive knowledge and competency in the areas of hematology and oncology.
    • Excessive body fat, especially in areas such as the abdomen, is increasingly recognized as an important risk factor for killers like heart disease and diabetes.
    • As with Jeff's fight, epic flights like these should be recognized and remembered for years to come.
    • Yet one has to recognize at the outset that there are methodological problems with this.
    • Networking with experts in other disciplines and collaborating with statisticians should be recognized as an important way to conduct research and disseminate findings.
  • 3US formal

    (grant right to speak)
    concederle la palabra a
    darle la palabra a
    the chair recognizes the gentleman from … tiene la palabra el representante de …
    • The chair recognized Representative Hochberg to explain the measure.
    • As the presiding officer, he recognises those members who wish to speak.
    • The gentleman's time is expired. The Chair recognizes Governor Thompson.