Translation of recommend in Spanish:


recomendar, v.

Pronunciation /rɛkəˈmɛnd//ˌrɛkəˈmɛnd/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (praise, declare acceptable)
    the painkiller doctors recommend el analgésico que recomiendan los médicos
    • would you recommend him for the job? ¿lo recomendaría para el puesto?
    • what do you recommend? ¿qué (me) recomienda?
    • I recommended the play to my parents les recomendé la obra a mis padres
    • the play has little/nothing to recommend it la obra tiene poco/no tiene nada que se pueda recomendar
    • One of my professors recommended me for an internship and now I have a permanent job at the company.
    • I know the practice has worked for a lot of people, and it was highly recommended to me.
    • However, Hughes's choice was recommended to the King by the British Secretary of State.
    • We strongly recommend the Olive Branch for lunch, whether you are in a hurry or not.
    • I lost count of the number of times this band was earnestly recommended to me, in reverential tones.
    • She was recommended to us by one of her friends, who also minded our children.
    • The school was recommended to King Hussein by an old friend, the former headmaster of Harrow.
    • In summary, this is an excellent volume that I recommend without reservation to biologists in all disciplines.
    • It was recommended to us, and I would have no hesitation in recommending it.
    • The book is recommended to anyone for its portrayal of a unique and courageous intellectual life.
    • It is recommended to anyone with an interest in the Second World War or the American Army.
    • This disc is highly recommended to all of those who already know and enjoy Liebermann's music.
    • This book was recommended to me by none other than my pen pal.
    • The applicants must also present menus to customers, as well as suggest and recommend sumptuous items.
    • This book is recommended to almost anyone, but mostly to those who like murder mysteries.
    • If the product were in fact a cure, it would be widely reported in the media and your doctor would recommend it.
    • All three are recommended to skiers of up to intermediate standard.
    • It is understood the Manchester firm was recommended to him earlier this year by another inmate at the prison.
    • At present judges are in effect selected by the Lord Chancellor, who recommends appointments to the Queen.
    • Then there was the accounting firm, which had come strongly recommended by the bank.
    • If a health professional recommends St. John's wort, it's worth a try.
  • 2

    to recommend sth/-ing aconsejar / recomendar algo/+ inf
    • it's not to be recommended no es nada aconsejable / recomendable
    • recommended dosage dosis recomendada
    • recommended price precio de venta recomendado
    • recommended reading lecturas recomendadas
    • The report recommends the introduction of guidelines to ensure that any element of religious motivation or hatred is fully recorded in police reports and is brought before the courts.
    • In her report she recommends a radical change in the make-up of the new board.
    • The report also recommends national standards for cleanliness in hospitals be developed to reduce the risk of hospital acquired infections.
    • I strongly recommend that everybody treat themselves to a nice evening out once in a while.
    • The report also recommends driver training in first aid, stricter guidelines on bus quality and suitable supervision of pupils both on the bus and when they have left the bus.
    • Places at Leeds are limited, so early application is recommended to avoid disappointment.
    • The report recommends a cut in the number of full-time paid staff.
    • A spokesman merely recommended any worried policy-holders should seek professional advice.
    • A report recommends members urge the Post Office to keep the branch open saying it provides a vital service for residents who may have problems accessing the main post office in the town centre.
    • In addition, we strongly recommend better monitoring of all detainees.
    • The report also recommends the provision of 1,250 new homes at sites on the west side of the town, although those sites have not been identified.
    • His report recommends caution, saying that doctors currently lack sufficient expertise and that their roles remain unclear.
    • The report recommends engagement through free trade and allowing private citizens to travel freely between the two countries.
    • But the report also recommends the abolition of call-out charges for things like chimney fires.
    • For those reasons, we strongly recommend that all water systems be metered and monitored.
    • I would strongly recommend that you employ the services of a qualified professional as this is not really a DIY job.
    • Now a York Council working party is recommending demolition and suggests the land could be landscaped or used for affordable homes.
    • The report also recommends the establishment of a drugs-free hostel to aid drug users who have completed detox or rehabilitation programmes but remain homeless.
    • I strongly recommend reading it yourself to make your own judgement about what it says.
    • Regular physical activity is recommended to maintain, lose, or prevent gradual weight gain.
  • 3literary

    to recommend sth/sb to sb encomendar(le) algo/algn a algn
    • he recommended his soul to God (le) encomendó su alma a Dios
    • His critique of the corporatization of politics has much to recommend it.