Translation of recommendation in Spanish:


recomendación, n.

Pronunciation /ˌrɛkəmənˈdeɪʃ(ə)n//ˌrɛkəmɛnˈdeɪʃ(ə)n/


  • 1

    (approval, praise)
    recomendación feminine
    a letter of recommendation una carta de recomendación
    • Its key recommendation that tax on drink be increased to discourage consumption was ignored in the Budget.
    • After that, final recommendations will be put forward to the Strategic Health Authority.
    • It has not fully accepted the main recommendation but is proposing to fund nursing care in nursing homes.
    • These proposals will be evaluated and a recommendation made to the Executive Committee before a final decision is made.
    • Another of the more radical recommendations focuses on medical training.
    • We look forward to considering the consultants' recommendations around the end of September.
    • Her second recommendation proposes human rights as a way to safeguard human dignity.
    • He was eventually acquitted, though with the recommendation that he leave the country immediately.
    • Her recommendations were presented in a series of bullet points down the side of the television screen.
    • It may also put forward recommendations on areas requiring immediate attention.
    • Any recommendation will then go forward to the district council's full meeting in May.
    • As a result of these findings the overview panel put forward 14 recommendations.
    • This concluded with a recommendation that both proposals be rejected.
    • Members put forward their own recommendations at an association committee meeting.
    • Resource constraints meant that this recommendation was not followed, with predictable consequences.
    • Parish councillors are expected to make their recommendations on the plan to Bradford Council.
    • The body is due to make its recommendations at the end of this month and Clarke will decide whether to implement them.
    • The literature has not yielded many new proposals or recommendations on how to promote citizenship.
    • The coroner said he was not proposing to set out a list of recommendations to hospitals.
    • As the Herald went to press, members of the national park's property committee were discussing a recommendation to approve the idea.
    • The report does make recommendations to the governing bodies to bring about improvements in football.
  • 2

    recomendación feminine
    sugerencia feminine
    on my father's recommendation por recomendación / sugerencia de mi padre
    • [ S ]chef's recommendation sugerencia del chef