Translation of recon in Spanish:


reconocimiento, n.

Pronunciation /rəˈkɑn//ˈriˌkɑn//rɪˈkɒn/



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    reconocimiento masculine
    • With a general knowledge of this information, the commander is prepared to shift his recon focus rapidly during execution.
    • Before the attack, supporting elements from the unit recon platoons evaluated the enemy situation and provided guides for the assault.
    • Remember him showing all the aerial recon photographs in his speech at the UN?
    • They are extremely useful in aiding the reconnaissance-gathering capabilities of the battalion recon platoon.
    • But along the way, you'll find yourself facing bad intelligence or in one case, the plane doing the recon goes down and you have to go in to finish your objective and rescue the pilot who was supposed to do your intelligence.
    • Since the recon was the main objective, along with laying the spy satellites, it was a risk they were willing to take.
    • Like the characters of his novel, West served as a member of a five-man recon patrol.
    • This allows them to operate further from the parent recon platoon, while still maintaining a good communications link with the task force.
    • One of the recon teams had a radio intercept operator monitoring enemy transmissions as the battle went on.
    • I scanned the open area behind us and could see the bright images of the recon team about 100 meters away, as they walked the landing zone looking for mines and anything else unsafe.
    • During offensive missions, typically my company was tasked to destroy the enemy recon along the route, and then suppress the enemy at the point of penetration.
    • I need you to do a quick recon of the area and find out where we are in relation to the canyon.
    • This was to be a recon, designed to let them size up their opponent and plan an attack.
    • Learn tactics, techniques, and procedures during your upcoming leader recons.
    • I glanced at the large clock tower located in the center of the town for a moment, deciding that we had a while before the others would be finished with their own recon.
    • These methods are necessary to avoid letting enemy forces know they are under surveillance and to protect the small recon teams from larger military units.
    • We were going on our recon flight the following day.
    • Using his charm and looks he could get anything he wanted any time he wanted and usually did all the secret recon and spy jobs.
    • He conducts an in-depth recon and selection of proposed battery positions.
    • Once this task was complete, both air troops returned to the objective to conduct an area recon of six bridge sites.