Translation of reconcile in Spanish:


reconciliar, v.

Pronunciation /ˈrɛk(ə)nsʌɪl//ˈrɛkənˌsaɪl/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (make friendly)
    (factions/enemies) reconciliar
    they were finally reconciled finalmente se reconciliaron
    • to reconcile sb with sb
    • the tragedy helped to reconcile him with his brother la tragedia lo ayudó a reconciliarse con su hermano
    • Speaking on behalf of the teenager, who had been brought to court from jail having previously been remanded in custody, solicitor Tom Smith said she had been reconciled with her mother.
    • I am now reconciled with two of my estranged siblings - not just my older brother, but my sister, whom I hadn't spoken to for 17 years.
    • Miss Anwar now works one day a week advising other forced marriage victims and is reconciled with her Gujerati parents living in Bolton.
    • He has not been home since 1998 and decided he wanted to be reconciled with his family.
    • On a cold winter night Tom's teenage son, Edward, calls on the young teacher to beg her to be reconciled with his father.
    • The only good thing to have come from it all was that she was now reconciled with her husband after one of the holidays.
    • Earlier, Miss Brown had said she did not want to proceed with the complaints, did not want to be reconciled with Tyler and wanted to get on with her life.
    • He said the pensioner, who suffers from diabetes, high blood pressure and arthritis, had now accepted the affair was over, had been reconciled with his wife and any future offending was unlikely.
    • Re-Connect, a council-run service, assists youngsters in danger of becoming homeless as well as those in temporary accommodation hoping to be reconciled with their families.
    • One of the uplifting moments of the series is when pensioner Daniel Wisdom is reconciled with his brother, Joe, to whom he had not been speaking for 20 years.
    • He said Simms had been reconciled with his girlfriend after the assault and there were now no problems between the two of them.
    • She is even reconciled with her father, a local architect.
    • And she has been reconciled with Pandora Melly.
    • However, Mary is adamant that Julian could not hide his feelings for her despite being reconciled with Patricia.
    • She has since been reconciled with her family who put her in touch with the Amber Foundation so she can address her drug abuse problems.
    • And when his first wife Patricia died of cancer, aged 47, Carter was also reconciled with his daughter.
    • But Hart was reconciled with his wife after the crash and the couple are now said to be ‘stronger than ever’.
    • He came to see me because he loved his wife and wanted to be reconciled with her.
    • Many men are reconciled with estranged family members; all can talk about whatever suffering, neglect, or poverty landed them in prison.
  • 2

    (make consistent)
    (theories/ideals) conciliar
    to reconcile sth with sth conciliar algo con algo
    • The accounts payable program not only prints checks, reconciles bank accounts and produces expense reports, but it also allows club owners to track bank accounts, cash flow, checks, invoices and vendors.
    • The cash flow statement differs from these other financial statements because it acts as a kind of corporate checkbook that reconciles the other two statements.
    • The final bill, he added, would only be known when all the accounts had been reconciled.
    • It is horrible practice to have the teller made responsible for reconciling the accounts, how can one check on one's own work?
    • The disbursement of funds from this account would be reconciled on a quarterly basis.
    • The bank account should be reconciled with the barrister's receipts book.
    • Even the most creative of accountants would have difficulty reconciling these uncertain credits and debits.
    • For travel transactions, cardholders are responsible for reconciling their statements each month and filing vouchers within 15-30 days of travel.
    • The Data Processing Center of the Treasury Service reconciles taxes paid with taxpayer liabilities generated in the tax billing process.
    • If it's a bank or credit card statement, reconcile it against your receipts, payments and deposits to ensure that it is spot-on.
    • Analyzing how the cash flow statement reconciles profits with actual cash flows is also critical.
    • The results were reconciled and audited by a partner in the accounting firm Ernst & Young.
    • They say there appears to have been collusion internally between him and the administrative back office responsible for reconciling his transactions.
    • These amounts are inconsistent with the amounts shown on Mr. Smith's income tax returns and I was not provided with an explanation that allows me to reconcile this.
    • After a trader completes a deal, the back-office staff confirm the trades by phone and also reconcile cash accounts at the end of each day.
    • The large differences under these two items came to the fore while reconciling the accounts during the last quarter of the year 2001-02, he adds.
    • This exercise allows you to reconcile the total amount of PAYE entered onto the certificates with the annualised PAYE paid over to the Receiver of Revenue.
    • Also, only 26 per cent of employers polled required double signatories on checks and only 11 per cent ever change staff who reconcile their bank accounts.
  • 3

    (make resigned)
    to become reconciled to sth resignarse a algo
    • she gradually became reconciled to the idea poco a poco se fue resignando a la idea / fue aceptando la idea
    • to reconcile oneself to -ing resignarse a + inf
    • So, on the whole, I am reconciled to the squirrels taking my walnuts, the rabbits eating my grass, the deer eating my saplings, and the herons eating my fish.
    • He said in an interview recently, ‘I have another job and I am reconciled to the fact that, whether the record sells or not, I'm just going to have fun.’
    • I wrote here about the ways in which marriage reconciles us to time and mortality.
    • It transcends transience and therefore reconciles us to the most fundamental condition of our existence.
    • Moments like that reconcile me to the existence of these ‘explorers’.
    • This kind of thing can reconcile you to camping.
    • The point of religion, he used to say, was to reconcile us to the hollowness, the futility, the nothingness of life.
    • At 47, with his children reaching their late teens, some believe Ryan is reconciled to sticking with his lucrative radio day job, with the occasional television project on the side.
    • It reconciles her to such things as tennis tournaments (which is important for her, because she has an endorsement contract of 50 million bucks).
    • At a time when Britons work the longest hours in Europe, self-satisfied middle class attempts to reconcile us to our economic obligations have a meaning that is more than comic.
    • The act of returning does, however, offer some resolution, in that Marie-Noëlle is reconciled to the fact that the truth is unknowable.
    • Not very confident of India accepting accession, he was reconciled to a state of permanent political exile in India.
    • Representatives of the licensed trade, previously regarded as the most implacable opponents of the ban, indicated that they were reconciled to its eventual implementation.
  • 4

    (accounts/figures) hacer cuadrar
    (accounts/figures) hacer coincidir
    (figures/accounts) conciliar