Translation of record in Spanish:


documento, n.

Pronunciation: /ˈrɛkərd//ˈrɛkɔːd/


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    • 1.1

      (document) documento masculine
      (of attendances etc) registro masculine
      (file) archivo masculine
      (minutes) acta feminine
      (note) nota feminine
      medical records historial médico masculine
      • he keeps a record of attendance at meetings lleva un registro de asistencia a las reuniones
      • keep a record of your expenses anote sus gastos
      • no record was taken of what was discussed no se tomó nota de lo discutido
      • there are no written records dating from that period no hay documentos escritos que daten de ese período
      • we have no record of having employed him no consta en nuestros archivos que haya trabajado aquí
      • according to our records según nuestros datos
      • please keep this copy for your records conserve esta copia para su información
      • the wettest March since records began el marzo más lluvioso del que se tienen datos
      • official records documentos oficiales
      • a photographic record of a vanishing way of life un testimonio fotográfico de un estilo de vida en vías de extinción
      • let the record show that … que conste en acta que …
      • it is a matter of record that … hay constancia de que …
      • before noun record keeping archivado
      • The teenager's dental records will be used to make a final identification during a post-mortem examination.
      • Travellers in York are compiling a book about their lives which should provide a permanent record of their community's history.
      • Historical records provide evidence of at least six volcano slope failures and associated explosive eruptions that occurred over the last century.
      • As written records developed, they also used wooden writing boards and wax tablets for work which was not intended to be permanent.
      • At times those casual little snapshots become the essential records of meaningful events that passed, barely noticed in their day.
      • For archival purposes, the log can be printed daily or weekly as a permanent record.
      • They seized a huge amount of information, including invoices, computer disks, accounts, letters, records and other documents.
      • The earliest historical records contain evidence of capital punishment.
      • On Friday, the official judgment of his conviction was entered into the court record.
      • The documentary evidence, records of meetings and intelligence briefings would have been shredded long ago.
      • When a certified copy of the court record was produced indicating the two had been bailed, the prison officials rejected the document and demanded an order from the Nuwara Eliya magistrate courts.
      • In the absence of the file, Ms. Sava arranged for a search of the court record.
      • A transcript will be taken, so that we have a proper record of the evidence given by all our witnesses, and this will be posted on our website later today.
      • The Chinese, for instance, have records of the Genesis account and the message of Christ written in the symbols of their language.
      • We can only analyse and reconstruct history on the basis of the records and evidence that have been preserved.
      • Recognition of the relationship between psyche and soma dates back to antiquity and is captured in written records and historical accounts.
      • The fossil record shows that cyanobacteria go back three and a half billion years.
      • It is understood the body will have to be identified through dental records.
      • Generally, organizations keep records on hand for five years before sending them to the Library of Congress to be preserved.
      • Accounting records and practice have also been presented as evidence to support arguments relating to major social and historical issues.
      • According to the court record, ‘There he was held for about 24 hours.’
      • Landmark dates in the history of radio will be illustrated by archive recordings and written records of the time.
      • Evidence from pages 46, 47 and 48 of the transcript of the examination of Luke Brock was read into the court record.
      • Police can already scour chat rooms and internet sites and will examine computer records for evidence of sexual grooming.
      • I compiled a list last weekend of jobs for this year, and I do want to share it with you and make a permanent record of it for my own purposes.

    • 1.2

      for the record
      • for the record, I had no financial interest in the deal yo no me beneficiaba con el acuerdo, que conste
      • for the record, their team finished third a propósito, su equipo terminó en tercer lugar
      • off the record
      • the minister spoke off the record el ministro habló extraoficialmente
      • his off-the-record remarks sus declaraciones extraoficiales
      • on record en disco
      • the police kept their names on record la policía los fichó
      • the hottest summer on record el verano más caluroso del que se tienen datos
      • there are more than 50 instances on record se han registrado más de 50 casos
      • it is on record that at the last committee meeting … consta en acta que en la última reunión de la comisión …
      • she is on record as saying that … ha declarado públicamente que …
      • to put / place sth on record dejar constancia de algo
      • to set / put the record straight, let me point out that … para poner las cosas en su lugar, permítame señalar que …

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    • 2.1(of performance, behavior)

      they'll have to fight the election on their economic record van a tener que basar su campaña electoral en sus logros en el plano económico
      • a company with an excellent financial record una compañía con una excelente trayectoria financiera
      • he has a good service/academic record tiene una buena hoja de servicios/un buen currículum / historial académico
      • he has a poor record for timekeeping en cuanto a puntualidad, su expediente no es bueno
      • the country's human rights record la trayectoria del país en materia de derechos humanos
      • our products have an excellent safety record nuestros productos son de probada seguridad

    • 2.2

      (masculine plural) antecedentes (penales)
      to have a record tener antecedentes (penales)
      • she had a record as long as your arm tenía un prontuario más largo que un día sin pan

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    (highest, lowest, best, worst)
    récord masculine
    marca feminine
    to break/set a record batir/establecer un récord / una marca
    • to hold the world record ostentar el récord / la marca mundial
    • the high jump record el récord de salto de altura
    • his latest movie has broken box-office records su última película ha batido todos los récords de taquilla
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    Music Audio
    disco masculine
    to make / cut a record hacer / grabar un disco
    • on record en disco

transitive verb

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    (write down)
    (in minutes) hacer constar
    it was recorded on his medical card fue anotado / quedó registrado en su ficha médica
    • these letters record the friendship that grew up between them estas cartas documentan el desarrollo de la amistad que nació entre ellos
    • the minutes record that … consta en el acta que …
    • history records that … cuenta la historia que …
    • the bloodiest battle ever recorded la batalla más sangrienta en los anales de la historia
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    (instrument) registrar
  • 3

    (make known formally)
    (protest/opposition) dejar constancia de
    (vote) emitir
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    (album/program/song) grabar
    put / set the machine on record aprieta el botón de 'grabar'

intransitive verb

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    sin precedentes
    they completed the work in record time acabaron el trabajo en un tiempo récord