Translation of recorded delivery in Spanish:

recorded delivery


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    (in UK)
    servicio de envíos postales en el cual se exige la firma del destinatario como constancia de la entrega del envío
    • On another occasion, 30 letters were sent by recorded delivery, with Royal Mail being unable to account for three of them.
    • The northern area planning committee made its decision on 5 December, and the decision notice was sent the following day by recorded delivery.
    • A superior service, such as the Royal Mail's special delivery, which applies to packages weighing between 0.5kg and 2kg, may be cheaper than recorded delivery.
    • To ensure they received it I sent it by recorded delivery which cost me £1.35p.
    • ‘We have sent letters by recorded delivery to the firm, sent them text messages, and called them, but we are not getting any response,’ she said.
    • Make sure you sign the form and keep a copy, and ensure that you send your return by recorded delivery.
    • Formal written notices, signed by Mr Penson, were sent to the banks by recorded delivery.
    • She sent off an application form to the Births and Register Office in Pembrokeshire by recorded delivery.
    • Without depositing or drawing any money from the account I sent all the paperwork back by recorded delivery but since then have been getting a monthly statement that increases my debt by £2.50 a month for ‘text message banking’.
    • Businesses have complained of unreliability and, in some cases, resorted to insisting customers send routine letters by recorded delivery.
    • Then I discovered that the letter I sent by recorded delivery to pay my speeding fine had gone missing, along with my driving licence and a cheque in payment.
    • We had a packet to send off to the solicitor with the signed and witnessed Deed of Transfer which we wanted to go as a recorded delivery.
    • With the end result that I had to repackage the scanner and cart it down to the post office and send it back by recorded delivery.
    • Howard Ogden, defending, said that Adamson claimed to have sent a letter setting out detailed reasons for his no-show by recorded delivery to the magistrates.
    • Today, I was expecting to receive a parcel by recorded delivery.
    • Their original passports should accordingly be sent to me at the Immigration and Nationality Directorate by recorded delivery.
    • Post by recorded delivery, that way there are no excuses and you have a record of posting it for insurance purposes.
    • He told me he had sent it by recorded delivery on Thursday so when it hadn't arrived on Saturday I thought I'd better call to find out why.
    • He replied to let me know that all was fine and that the game was coming back to me by recorded delivery.
    • Publishers don't use recorded delivery, so it was unlikely to be a reject letter.