Translation of recording in Spanish:


grabación, n.

Pronunciation /rəˈkɔrdɪŋ//rɪˈkɔːdɪŋ/


  • 1

    (tape, record etc)
    grabación feminine
    • Early tape recordings were not easily marketable because they were also very expensive.
    • The subpoena sought all notes and tape recordings related to his Panthers coverage.
    • The picture quality on home recordings lags behind that of shop-bought discs, but is streets ahead of VHS.
    • This evidence, however, did not include the tape recordings and Baxley was not even aware of their existence.
    • This morning, the jury had requested tape recordings from a police interview made with him.
    • In late 2002 he took possession of tape recordings of a newspaper journalist interviewing Jack Roche.
    • He and Claudia kept in touch through letters and by sending audio tape recordings to each other.
    • We analyzed only what we perceived as higher quality songs from the tape recordings.
    • I am pleased to note that sound recordings can be borrowed.
  • 2

    grabación feminine
    (studio/session) (before noun) de grabación
    they are known mainly as recording artists se los conoce más que nada por sus grabaciones
    • recording engineer técnica de grabación
    • recording equipment equipo de grabación
    • recording level nivel de grabación
    • The unnatural process of modern recording resulted in a soul album that went against the definition of soul.
    • This program could be especially handy for students, who could use it not just to take class notes but also to capture entire lectures with a built-in audio recording feature.
    • In addition to fulfilling its expected practical function, the kitchen was also designed as a kind of recording studio.
    • It has been used for a new purpose-built dance studio, a drama suite and recording studios.
    • Astor returned to his recording studio and switched on his tape recorder.
    • How did this recording process compare to the last one?
    • In the computer realm, magnetic recording is used on floppy disks, hard disks and magnetic tape as the main method for data storage.
    • DVD recording will act as a fillip to consumer PC sales.
    • The multiple cameras allow for simultaneous recording and video, which will match data frame-by-frame.
    • ‘We're willing to accept the concept of delayed recording,’ Attaway says.
    • So, I'll return to the dance and recording studios, work on my piano and music degree, and not for one second consider giving up.
    • Pupils will learn recording studio tricks and produce CDs.
    • I recently learned firsthand what goes into making an independent film, but the process of recording and marketing a record are a mystery!
    • You know, most recording studios are in the grimmest of locations.
    • These five groups were consecutively recorded using continuous recording on a time-lapse video recorder.
    • The whole of the custody suite is covered by a video and sound recording system which captures every word or movement.
    • But it has involved parking a massive mobile recording studio outside my house for two weeks.
    • Gaisberg summed it up in his memoirs: ‘Caruso was the decoy that brought other hesitating celebrities to our recording studios.’
    • The recording industry has traditionally been skittish about allowing its content to be disseminated by anyone but licensed distributors.
    • The two winners are being flown over to London this month to attend the studio recording of their plays, which will then be broadcast on BBC World Service in November this year.