Translation of recover in Spanish:


recuperar, v.

Pronunciation: /rɪˈkʌvə//rɪˈkəvər/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (consciousness/strength) recuperar
    (consciousness/strength) recobrar
    (position/investment/lead) recuperar
    to recover one's composure recobrar la compostura
    • he was on the point of losing his temper, but recovered himself estuvo a punto de perder los estribos, pero se contuvo
    • We shall attempt to recover the premium from you opponent, if you win your case, but the Court may disallow it in whole or in part.
    • Mr Rusnak admitted he made a series of bad investments on behalf of the bank and then tried to recover his losses without alerting bosses.
    • Tom blinked in surprise, then recovered himself.
    • Organisers of the festival say they are now considering legal action to recover the group's fee and the singer's manager has responded with claims that she was assaulted by one of the festival organisers.
    • She licked her lips nervously before recovering herself.
    • He recovered himself quickly, and again feigned indifference.
    • We are in the process of recovering the money from the drivers concerned.
    • She recovers her composure as Beatrice enters the room, smiling kindly at her.
    • He realized he had been staring, and recovered himself as smoothly as he could.
    • Taken by surprise, I lurched but recovered myself.
    • Furthermore the fact that the repair work has been carried out will mean that you may not be able to recover the legal costs incurred in recovering compensation.
    • Even if they had paid the beneficiary, they would be able to seek to recover the compensation by certain judicial procedures.
    • Max recovered himself and made his way back to his friends.
    • He blinked a bit, obviously startled, then he recovered himself.
    • ‘Legal action to recover the outstanding fee will be instituted, if necessary,’ he said.
    • Maura froze at the mention of Jude's name but recovered herself quickly.
    • Kayla quickly recovered herself and realized she was being rude to someone who had just saved her life.
    • Once I realized how bad it sounded, I tried to recover myself.
    • Alyssa was trying to recover her composure while putting on her sock and shoe.
    • He said he hoped the families of those pensioners whose pensions had been taken from them would not have to take legal action to recover their money.
    • If an extended warranty provider becomes insolvent, the very least a consumer will want is to be able to recover his premiums.
    • He was a little taken aback by her question but quickly recovered himself.
    • Yes then there is no negligence, and if there's no negligence it doesn't matter how injured those people are, they will not recover compensation.
    • For every year out of the workforce, a woman has to work five years to recover the lost income, pension coverage, and career promotion.
    • The company has permission to recover losses by putting surcharges on customers' bills.
    • Motorists who have hit potholes on roads in Wiltshire are planning to take legal action to recover the money they have paid out to repair their cars.
    • Before he could recover himself Heidi was kissing him.
    • I also do not consider it improper for counsel to seek to recover fees paid to experts that they consulted but who did not file affidavits on the motion.
    • When Maisie had recovered herself, she said, ‘You will inform the priest, of course.’
    • He looked astounded at the question, gaping slightly before he recovered himself.
    • That is to say, that a reward may be paid where tax is recovered as a result of information provided to the Inland Revenue.
    • Under the mortgage, the mortgagee is entitled to recover her legal fees as between solicitor and client.
    • This report has now been sent to the Fraud Squad and the District Auditor and the council has started legal proceedings to recover the money.
    • A plaintiff need not take steps to recover compensation for his loss from parties who, in addition to the defendant, are liable to him.
    • I recovered myself a moment before the door opened, straightening my shoulders and standing a little taller.
    • He trailed off, unable to speak for a moment before recovering himself.
    • The Inland Revenue now intend to start civil legal proceedings to recover the unpaid tax.
    • It took a moment for John to recover himself after saying this.
    • Taking the claims to court is the only way to recover lost compensation after the firms deny negligence.
    • The latter was successful and recovered damages of some £19,000 on the counterclaim.
    • The law allowing plaintiffs to recover legal fees in advocacy lawsuits has been on the books for a long time.
    • Every new participant is in truth gambling on the scheme continuing long enough for him to recover his money and, he hopes, make a profit.
    • One of the primary tasks of the Commissioners is to recover those taxes which Parliament has decreed shall be paid.
    • Victims of online fraud could find it harder to recover their losses as banks and building societies brace themselves for a surge in crime in the run-up to Christmas.
  • 2

    the black box was recovered from the wreckage la caja negra fue rescatada de los restos del avión siniestrado
    • Two taverns were closed down, large quantities of liquor were confiscated and six stolen vehicles were recovered.
    • And there are hundreds if not thousands more corpses still to be recovered from the city's flooded streets and homes.
    • Police said stolen goods had been recovered in the raid and two women and a man were arrested on suspicion of burglary.
    • The hostages and stolen cargo were recovered, and the surviving pirates put into custody.
    • The bill will make it harder for criminals to dispose of stolen goods, and it will make it easier for the police to recover stolen goods and solve property crimes.
    • The money was later recovered at the scene.
    • Her black W-registration Honda Integra sports car, stolen by her attackers, has not yet been recovered by police.
    • While he was head of the Heath Special Investigating Unit, they recovered millions of rands stolen from the government.
    • Barrett said the collection of lost and recovered stolen property on their hands is less than in the past because they now put much more time and effort into tracing the owners and getting the item back to them.
    • In addition to the vandalism, some stolen property was recovered from one of the three men.
    • Twenty-six vehicles believed to have been stolen were recovered.
    • In Lusaka, police have recovered four vehicles which were stolen at gun point in two separate incidents and four people have since been arrested in connection with the thefts.
    • Data recovery efforts are, therefore, required to recover the lost transactions and data.
    • A stolen motor-cycle was recovered from his possession.
    • A further 15 bikes that were found to have been stolen have also been recovered.
    • Stolen property was recovered, including two vehicles and the proceeds of a burglary which had taken place only the previous night.
    • The body was recovered by police divers and removed to a mortuary at Bangor.
    • Police have praised a brave Westbury resident after his information helped them recover property stolen from a home in the town's Oldfield Park area.
    • The death toll has steadily risen to 38 as more bodies have been recovered from the rubble.
    • An engineer has recovered tools which were stolen six months ago after he spotted them for sale on an internet auction site.
  • 3

    (metal/glass/paper) recuperar
    • Energy can be recovered, waste dealt with cleanly, and everyone will be happy.
    • In three stages, it separates solids and liquids, removes ammonia, recovers soluble phosphorus, and processes the solids into plant fertilizer.
    • Precious metals, such as platinum and gold, which may be present on the PCB or printed circuit board, can also be leached and recovered electrochemically and reused.
    • Even better, biodiesel can also be made cheaply and easily using waste vegetable oil recovered from restaurants and fryers.
    • Now there are 75 tonnes of plutonium and 3,336 tonnes of uranium recovered from reprocessing, all stored and closely guarded but with no obvious use, at Sellafield.
    • A requirement of the trial will be that value is recovered from the waste, which may include the recycling of steel and aluminium cans, plastics and glass.
    • What about treatment of minerals recovered from the land?
    • Waste heat recovered from stale indoor air can heat water in domestic hot water tanks.
    • He said the Connaught Waste Managment Plan was not just about waste treatment; it was about introducing a lot more recycling and recovering energy.
    • Various chemical by-products are recovered from the coke gases and used throughout Canada.
    • There are thus special design considerations associated with anaerobic systems, though methane can be recovered and used as a source of energy.
    • He and his business partner are Canadians trying to make it in the business of tire pyrolysis, which recovers products from waste through incineration.
    • However, we shall also be looking to recover energy from waste in power stations.
    • A minor proportion may be processed to recover alcohol, tartrates, and occasionally grapeseed oil.
    • Similarly, I should have thought it obvious that material which is not waste can be recovered from waste.
    • Other phosphatic and phosphatized microfossils were recovered by dilute acetic acid digestion.
    • It takes energy to split the water molecule and release hydrogen, but that energy is later recovered during oxidation to produce water.
    • When alkyl hydrogen sulfates are added to water, sulfuric acid is recovered and the product obtained from the alkene is an alcohol.
    • Secondary alcohols can be readily recovered from ketones by breaking the double bond between the oxygen and carbon and adding hydrogen.
    • Much of that scrap, he explained, was lead plate recovered from industrial storage batteries and was not auto battery scrap.
  • 4

    to recover damages obtener reparación judicial

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (from ill health, undesirable situation)
    to recover from sth reponerse de algo
  • 2

    (economy/industry) recuperarse
    (economy/industry) repuntar
    (industry/economy) reactivarse
  • 3

    (regain equilibrium)
    recuperar el equilibrio