Translation of recreate in Spanish:


recrear, v.

Pronunciation /riːkrɪˈeɪt//ˌrikriˈeɪt/

transitive verb

  • 1

    • But recreating a live animal from its DNA remains in the realm of science fiction, Rijsdijk said.
    • Mackenzie and her team followed that genetic trail to recreate the mutation in the lab.
    • Rebuilding the country will be much easier that recreating a nation in Afghanistan but at least give the US credit for making these moves.
    • In a sense, occupiers and occupied created and recreated each other, within the changing context of the war.
    • He argues that within the context of this system, specific institutions are continually being created and recreated.
    • This will create a research and training facility, improving sports in Canada, and hopefully recreating an interest in funding for athletics.
    • Some want to restore as much as possible; others say recreating tidal marsh could potentially disturb more birds than it helps.
    • In Africentric science, all life is created by harmony and recreates harmony.
    • A shrine dedicated to a 12th century Archbishop of York and smashed during the Reformation is being recreated in the city.
    • Each photon inside the sphere creates an interference pattern, and the same pattern is recreated by its entangled partner.
    • It is something that is created and recreated every day through initiative and organised and coordinated activity.
    • We're all going to be in the same space together each night creating this thing and recreating it live each night for the audience.
    • Once you have had your stylist or friend practice the style on your hair, it can be created faster each time that it is recreated.
    • I guess it's relatively easy to create a laser beam, but recreating anything more complex would be ridiculously difficult.
    • He can scarcely believe his own fingers can keep up with the quicksilver flow of the his thoughts; even as he is playing he knows he'll have a hard time ever recreating the drive goading him on to the end.
    • The world would be better off without terrorism, but governments must not follow policies that recreate the problem.
    • The house, as it is today, is the result of two years work by the current owners to restore and recreate a period house.
    • Still, how far does exigency take you, before you're simply recreating the same dictatorship you came to overthrow?
    • But there we are, at my morning coffee shop, creating and recreating community from one day to the next.
    • It was back in 1977 that Sherwood acquired two sleeping carriages at a Sotheby's auction in Monte Carlo and began the process of recreating the great train.