Translation of red-hot in Spanish:


al rojo vivo, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈrɛd ˈˌhɑt//rɛdˈhɒt/


  • 1

    (glowing, very hot)
    al rojo vivo
    • A seaman in the US Navy in World War II ran barefoot across the red-hot deck of a burning ship to save a fellow sailor's life.
    • His bare feet really do touch the red-hot coals.
    • She stared into the depths of the fire and saw nothing but the curling tongues wrapped around red-hot coal.
    • Under the cover of darkness, exotic sports cars come alive with red-hot glowing brakes, flaming exhausts and sparks from contact as drivers battle both the elements and other drivers.
    • They show animal claws scratching across concrete, red-hot rusty wires glowing orange in the dark, and bloodied knives arranged along the body at the sites of pain.
    • ‘Promise me you'll at least hear me out before you decide that you don't believe me,’ I said quietly, staring into the red-hot flames of the fire.
    • Gloved workers, their eyes shaded, manhandle glowing, red-hot bars of old iron from a furnace into a rolling mill.
    • As darkness descended, the increasingly restless audience, now numbering over a thousand, took up their positions around the cordoned-off red-hot coals, spread in a circle on the village square.
    • A single pot balanced on the mecha-stove, the two glowing iron coils red-hot beneath it.
    • It was like a red-hot fire spreading through her.
    • In retaliation, the bewildered girl says, one of her small hands was burned on a red-hot stove.
    • In our turf-fire environment, the unusual smells of coal slack and hooves burning when a red-hot shoe was fitted, although unpleasant, are nonetheless memorable.
    • He made each of his players run barefoot over red-hot coals.
    • Why is it possible for bare feet to touch red-hot coals without getting burned?
    • Imagine there's a religion that believes in burning children with a red-hot iron.
    • A red-hot shower of burning debris rained down on him.
    • With the help of professionals we are inviting the public to walk over a 20 ft path of red-hot coals.
    • Depending on the type of coach and chassis, they would have narrowly avoided being minced by a propshaft turning at thousands of revolutions a minute or burned by red-hot exhaust pipes.
    • Walking down the road in those thin-soled sandals was close to walking over red-hot coal.
    • He pulled the metal out of the fire, examining the red-hot tip, then put it back in.
  • 2

    • 2.1informal (sensational)

      (pictures/story) de candente actualidad
      (pictures/story) al rojo vivo
      • Today, he is the red-hot favourite to win the classic 12 km race for the third year.
      • Whether he gets to face Shane Warne at any other time during the Ashes series remains to be seen, but he should be a red-hot favourite to go to India in the winter.
      • They have come from behind before but Arsenal are the red-hot favourites.
      • The hosts, red-hot favourites to win the match at the start of play yesterday, were left to ponder if they had left their declaration too late.
      • Starting the opening round at Fort William as red-hot favourite, a momentary lapse of concentration saw Peat sailing over the handlebars on a one-way ticket to doubts and disillusionment.
      • The Irish are red-hot favourites after winning their first three matches while Wales are fighting to avoid the wooden spoon after losing to Italy, Scotland and England.
      • Manchester United, now six points clear, are obviously red-hot favourites for the title.
      • The England men's Ashes success has ensured that the red-hot favourite for the Sports Personality of the Year is a man.
      • When the Ryder Cup was originally scheduled for last September, the Americans were red-hot favourites with even the most optimistic European golf fan.
      • Four years ago she went to Athens as red-hot favourite for the 1500m, the fastest in the field by, well, not a mile, but a long streak - only to break down with injury in the qualifying rounds.
      • We can make transport an interesting, attractive, galvanising, inspiring, or perhaps red-hot issue, but buses, trams and even Freudian trains are not and never will be sexy.
      • Unlike our boys in Japan, Steve is the red-hot favourite to win both the first round downhill race in Fort William and the World Cup itself.
      • Bundaberg will also be Everigham's first event of the year and after a sensational finish to last year's tour he is expected be one of the red-hot favourites for the 2004 Australian Title.
      • The United States will be red-hot favourites to successfully defend their gold medal in Athens as they call on a who's who of the best in the game.
      • Chester defeated the Giants three times out of four last season and start red-hot favourites to make it four out five.
      • There's nothing like gaining a reputation as a red-hot creative shop for turning up the pressure in a business where you're only as good as your last ad.
      • And he has raised his game so much since then that he goes to Athens as world kilometre champion - and a red-hot favourite for gold.
      • Higher interest rates could cool the red-hot housing market in some parts of the world, Rajan said.
      • From that point on her focus had been on the Olympic marathon, for which she started a red-hot favourite.
      • The big news story of the Athens Olympics was Paula Radcliffe, Britian's red-hot marathon gold-medal favourite, failing to finish.
      • Undercliffe are the holders and red-hot favourites.
      • Back in 1971, the mercurial Alex Murphy pulled off a minor miracle when unfancied Leigh toppled red-hot favourites Leeds to win the Challenge Cup final at Wembley.
      • The red-hot jazz saxophonist Bhumibol and his beautiful Queen Sirikit, who celebrated their golden jubilee on May 5, 2000, continue to reign and enjoy the respect and devotion of the Thai people.
      • There was no disgrace in their defeat by a Leigh team who will be red-hot favourites going into the play-offs.

    • 2.2informal (knowledgeable)

      to be red hot (on sth) estar muy impuesto / ser un experto (en algo)

    • 2.3informal (excellent)


    • 2.4informal (enthusiastic)

      (supporter/Republican) fanático