Translation of red admiral in Spanish:

red admiral

vanesa roja, n.


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    vanesa roja feminine
    • I saw fritillaries, red admirals, and a couple of kinds of skippers up there this afternoon.
    • All the way we were accompanied by electric blue and emerald green damsel flies and along the banks we spotted red admirals, painted ladies, peacocks, and mere common butterflies.
    • Not just the usual cabbage whites this year, but tortoiseshells, red admirals, painted ladies and peacock butterflies too.
    • She was lying in the dust beneath a white buddleia, staring straight ahead, sniffing at red admirals and painted ladies as they fluttered past.
    • Beds of nettles are slashed to the ground when the caterpillars of red admiral and other butterflies are hatching for next year's generation.