Translation of red cent in Spanish:

red cent



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    it's not worth one red cent no vale un peso / centavo Latin America
    • ‘If a toll booth is foisted on us, under current legislation, not one red cent will come back to us, not even rates on the booth,’ said Cllr Aird.
    • Now as a result, over $100 million annually slips out of the Bahamas to support Florida lotteries, and not one damn red cent comes back.
    • James, he argues, never gave a red cent to the poor, spending it instead on gambling, booze and loose women.
    • Even if it has managed to patent the optimal way to run this kind of system, that doesn't mean it'll ever see a red cent in return.
    • Despite all wanting to win the election, these candidates haven't spent a red cent, abused an expense account or cruised round in a chauffeured limousine.
    • Well I'm not prepared to give you one red cent until I know what it is we have here.
    • She informs us that - although we won't be getting a red cent for our labors - the film-makers have assembled a raffle for us.
    • Unfortunately it won't be getting a single red cent from our household.
    • They want to be excused from paying one red cent.
    • Non-cultists, don't even contemplate laying out a red cent for this.
    • You can be damn sure they will never see a red cent of my money.
    • He ran an ad that totally distorted Governor Bush's record on taxes, claiming he saved not a single dime or single red cent for Social Security.
    • We mentor the prodigies whose accomplishments bring pride and recognition to everyone - and we do it without raising taxes one red cent!
    • E-mail them with every single question you may have before you give them one red cent of your hard earned dollars.