Translation of redden in Spanish:


enrojecerse, v.

Pronunciation /ˈrɛd(ə)n//ˈrɛdn/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (sky/skin) enrojecerse
    (skin/sky) ponerse rojo
    (sky/skin) (blush) ruborizarse
    (skin/sky) (blush) ponerse colorado
    (sky/skin) (blush) ponerse rojo
    (sky/skin) (blush) sonrojarse
    • A titter of giggles issued from everyone as Amy reddened.
    • I could see him flush and redden, even in the dark.
    • Christopher reddened and he hastily took a step backward.
    • The boy reddened slightly, ‘He would have sent me in a huge company, the way you send old people, or infants.’
    • Kate completely reddened at his acknowledgment of his presence in their conversation.
    • Aidan shrugged and turned away from him, but Darren saw her face redden as she blushed.
    • She reddened a bit before responding, ‘No really, I have never taken anything without paying.’
    • He was reddening as every second passed, and his brows were creased.
    • And then he'd come over, and she'd reddened, feeling as if he'd been able to see where her thoughts had been to.
    • Ryan reddened in his light anger and embarrassment.
    • The black-haired boy reddened slightly, but he turned back to the nurse and nodded.
    • Abby smirked at them, to which Kate just reddened slightly.
    • He bowed at the waist as Sandra reddened, then sped off down the hallway.
    • The boys reddened, but unfortunately held their ground.
    • The young captain reddened imperceptibly, and his smile got wider.
    • It made his father redden and his brothers blanch.
    • Pamela reddened, looked down and shook her head.
    • Michael reddened, and Pete turned away, seething.
    • I blushed and reddened even further when Heath winked at me before walking off to class.
    • I felt my cheeks turning hot, as in seriously hot, and at the corner of my eye, saw Josh redden slightly.

transitive verb

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